Clark announces plans to overhaul electricity use - limitation on users  

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Clark announces plans to overhaul electricity use
"Household appliances could be switched off remotely when electricity supplies are scarce and programmed to run when power is plentiful under an energy revolution designed to save consumers up to £40 billion by 2050. Greg Clark, the business secretary, yesterday announced government proposals to overhaul the way Britons use electricity. The government wants to encourage energy suppliers to charge different prices through the day and will regulate new standards so that home appliances can be remotely controlled online." - The Times (£)
Do not forget that SMART METERS are part of this agenda
(They will enable power providers (read, Government) to remotely switch off consumers’ supply as they wish.)

If you don't fit smart meters they cannot control what you use. Smart meters, as almost forced on us by advertising are a con. Don't be fooled. Take back control. 
Without a smart meter the electricity company cannot know if you are using a life support system or a barbecue heated by electricity, JohnT
Think of this idea logically, what are the repercussions when the power is cut? Someone could be in the process of using machinery power by electricity, a sudden withdrawal of power could easily cause injury or death. Think about systems in modern houses, even older houses, eg. We have a biomass wood burner to run our central heating and hot water, electricity cut and the circulating pump stops and all the zone valves close. Not so easy to shut off the boiler like you can with gas or oil, result either boiler blows up or pipes burst under pressure of steam. Thousands of pounds worth of damage. And what about that idiot who suggested that trains and buses should switch off their engines while stationary, just goes to show you how little our so called leaders know about the real world. Commercial vehicles and trains have very different systems to private cars. Switch off the engine and system pressures drop, air pressure for gear changing and brakes, hydraulic pressure for brakes etc. Most trains apply the brakes when pressure drops as a fail safe feature. A bus can take up to 90 seconds to recharge when the engine is restarted. Modern cars seem to be fitted with the stupid device that stops the engine every time the vehicle stops. Did they ever think where the energy comes from to restart the car? The battery of course, how silly of me! And what do you think charges the battery? Err! Err! No, what? The engine silly, and the engine uses what? Petrol or diesel. How much energy does it take to replace the energy used by the starter, more than leaving the engine running for at least 3 minutes. On top of that such use wears the battery out much sooner than on cars without that system, the starter motor too. Perhaps make Volvo delete their lights always on foible, all takes energy and who needs lights in the daytime? Just saying.

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