leading politician has just backed NIGEL FARAGE to storm back into British poli

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The prominent Member of the European Parliament Bill Etheridge has pulled out of the race to become UKIP leader to throw his weight behind Nigel Farage storming back into frontline British politics and taking the helm.

Although Farage chose to take a back seat during the recent General Election campaign, there are now growing calls for Mr Brexit to come back to UKIP and stop the party from becoming the ‘zombie organisation’ that a lot of people fear.
It cannot be denied that UKIP’s fortunes have suffered a huge downturn since the EU referendum, and this is mainly because after Farage’s departure it became clear that many voters considered UKIP to be a ‘single issue’ party.
That ‘single issue’ was the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, and now that it has been achieved we feel that someone of Farage’s charisma and status is required to show the electorate that UKIP can be a major player in the battle to ensure that we get the Brexit that we voted for.
That is a Brexit that isn’t watered down or softened, with elements of Brussels lingering in Britain like a bad smell.
Out means out, Leave means Leave, and on a number of occasions Nigel Farage has made it perfectly clear that this is the Brexit that he will fight tooth and nail for.
He told Express.co.uk: “I would lay down a red carpet and I would escort him along it and I would open the doors and say thank God you’re back.”
The 47-year-old described Nigel Farage as “a phenomenal leader and the greatest politician of his generation”.
He added: “There’s no question that without Nigel Farage we would not have got to the position we got to and since he stopped being leader the shambles has ensued. Which shows just how effective he was.
“His biggest failure was that he didn’t effectively promote and groom a successor to preserve his legacy. That was a failure on his behalf. But if you look at the plus sides of his career, we can forgive him.”
One way or another, UKIP or otherwise, it is clearly time for Nigel Farage to let the press work take a back seat and return to the hustle and bustle of pre-Brexit Britain.
With so many horror stories emerging about Conservative U-Turns and extended deadlines for immigration and other elements of Brexit, the Farage fanatics have a point!

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