Legislation is needed to stop one ethnicity taking over a school"  

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Legislation is needed to stop one ethnicity taking over a school"

Legislation is needed to stop one ethnicity taking over a school, says Bradford superhead 

Legislation is needed to stop one ethnicity taking over schools, a Bradford superhead has said CREDIT: REX FEATURES 
 Camilla Turner, education editor 
19 JULY 2017 • 12:57AM
Legislation is needed to stop one ethnicity taking over schools, aBradford superhead has said.
Sir Nick Weller, the executive principal at Dixons Academies which runs a chain of schools in the west Yorkshire city, said that introducing a new law is the “only answer” to prevent children being segregated along ethnic lines. 
He said that it is “unhealthy” for a city like Bradford to have two communities living “separate lives” and for the children to be educated at different schools.
“I think it’s unhealthy in a city like Bradford for two communities to live separate lives, which by and large they do,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.
“You could say Bradford is almost two communities: the Muslim community and the white community.”
 Mr Weller  said that rather than sending  children to the closest school, parents prefer to send them further away to a school where the majority of children are from the same ethnic background.
 “Families will ignore the school that is nearest them because it is predominantly of one – the wrong ethnic group – and they will send them a little bit further down the road to a school where they feel more comfortable,” said  Mr Weller, who was knighted in 2015 for his services to education. 
Asked if there was a “tipping point” where the proportion of one community becomes for high in a school that others are deterred from sending their children there, he said: “I think once you get to sort of 70 to 80 per cent, once you get that, then yes.”  
He said that brining in new legislation to prevent the dominance of one ethnic group at a school would be the “only answer”, but added that the legal implications of doing so would be “very high”.  
The Equality Act 2010 prohibits discrimination in employment or in the provision of training and education on the grounds on race and religion.  Discrimination based on age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, sex, and sexual orientation are also barred.  
I think it’s unhealthy in a city like Bradford for two communities to live separate lives, which by and large they do
Sir Nick Weller
Mr Weller said that religious education lessons is an important opportunity for pupils to learn about other cultures – but criticised a “cop out” which allows parents to withdraw their children from the classes.
“Personally, I believe that both of those opt outs should be withdrawn,” he said.
“With religious education, that’s about learning about different cultures and traditions. That is what we as a group are all about.”
There are currently rules in place to force over-subscribed faith schools to admit 50 per cent of its pupils from different faiths.  
The Conservative Party said in its manifesto that it will scrap the 50 per cent faith admissions cap. However, no such guidelines exist for state schools where the majority of students come from a particular ethnic background.
 In the early 1980s, Bradford headteacher Ray Honeyford provoked controversy by publishing an article critical of multiculturalism and its effect on British education.
Honeyford had been headmaster of Drummond Middle School, where some 95 per cent of the pupils were Asian, for four years when he wrote his article for the Right-wing Salisbury Review. 
Local politicians and pressure groups responded with a campaign to get him fired and he received death threats. He had to enter his own school under police protection owing to the presence of pickets, and took early retirement in 1985. 

 London’s Muslim ONLY housing market REVEALED


London’s Muslim ONLY housing market REVEALED
The disturbing phenomenon of religiously segregated housing in England.

London’s Muslim ONLY housing market REVEALED
White only neighborhoods are out of style in London.
It is now Muslim-only neighborhoods that are taking over.
The phone recordings are a perfect example of what happens when different people request information on housing from Muslim landlords.
What would happen if a white landlord would say that he is not interested in a Muslim renter?
Caolan Robertson is super-sharp and right on at analyzing the absurd situation in the housing market of London.
Note: The Met are marking their own homework. If plots have been thwarted where are either the trials or the bodies of the  putative terrorists? RH 
UK terror plot thwarted within minutes of execution, Met chief reveals

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick attends a vigil outside Finsbury Park Mosque CREDIT: ISABEL INFANTES/AFP/GETTY IMAGES
 Telegraph Reporters 
14 JULY 2017 • 10:29AM
Police have thwarted five terror attacks in the last few weeks including some which were "very close" to being carried out, Britain's most senior police officer has said.
This year alone, the UK has been targeted by four terror attacks - three of which happened in London in busy and popular areas - which killed and injured scores of people.
Speaking on Nick Ferrari's show on LBC on Friday, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said a "very large number of plots" have been foiled over the last few years.
Pressed on exactly how many attacks have been thwarted, she said that in "just the last few weeks", five have been averted.
"Overall I think it is well into the teens in the last couple of years, where we know people were intent on attacking and that has been stopped," she said.
"In addition, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of arrests of people who are radicalised, and are either spreading hatred or supporting terrorism, or want to carry out a terrorist attack.
"We have had a huge number of successful operations, together with the intelligence agencies and we work very closely with them and with colleagues overseas."
Quizzed on how far-progressed the thwarted attacks were, Ms Dick suggested some of them were within minutes of being executed by terrorists.
"Some of them were very close, we would say, to an attack - very close," she said.
When asked if they were "within minutes" of being carried out, Ms Dick replied: "Yes."


Government unveils new powers to increase 'soft' sentences handed to supporters of terrorism

 Jack Maidment, political correspondent 
15 JULY 2017 • 12:01AM
New powers are being given to the Attorney General to increase "soft" sentences handed to terrorists and supporters of extremism after hate cleric Anjem Choudary was jailed for just 5 years.
People found guilty of encouraging terrorism, sharing terrorist propaganda and radicalising others could see their sentences increased as part of the expansion of the Unduly Lenient Sentence (ULS) scheme.
The crackdown represents the Government’s first major step in delivering on Theresa May’s warning after the London Bridge attack that “enough is enough” with even more action expected to follow as part of the Prime Minister’s push to get tougher on terror.
The Government had faced pressure last year to extend the scheme after hate preacher Choudary was jailed for five-and-a-half years after he was convicted of inviting support for Islamic State.
The new measures will take effect on August 8 and while they will not apply retrospectively they will enable people to challenge the sentences handed down to others for similar offences.
The ULS scheme already applies to major terror offences and serious crimes like rape and murder but it will be broadened to include people who are guilty of failing to report information about a planned attack and those who help radicalise would-be terrorists.
Dominic Raab, Justice Minister, said: “We want the most robust sentences for any terrorist crimes and for victims to have every opportunity to see justice delivered.
“Our action will reinforce our focus on deterring people who help radicalise terrorists, and punishing those who wilfully turn a blind eye to terrorist activity.”
Under the terms of the scheme anyone can demand that the Attorney General, the Government’s chief legal adviser, review a sentence that has been handed down.
The Attorney General can then decide to refer the sentence to the Court of Appeal to be looked at again.
The Government is adding sentences for 19 terror-related offences to the scheme including supporting extremist organisations.
The expansion of the ULS scheme marks the Government’s first major policy response to combating terror in the wake of the Westminster, Manchester, London Bridge and Finsbury Park attacks.
Mrs May set out her plan on the steps of Downing Street to eradicate extremism in the immediate aftermath of the London Bridge attack on June 3 which cost the lives of eight people.
She warned that while “significant progress” had been made in fighting terror there remained “far too much tolerance of extremism” in the UK.
The Prime Minister announced there would be a review of Britain’s counter-terrorism strategy and pledged to look at increasing the length of jail terms for terrorism-related crimes “even apparently less serious offences”.
Jeremy Wright, the Attorney General, said: “Widening the scheme to include terrorism offences will allow us to challenge more sentences and is a welcome first step to extending it even further.
“Crimes of this nature will not be tolerated in our society and those convicted of terrorism will receive the sentence they deserve.”  
The Attorney General referred 136 cases to the Court of Appeal in 2015, with the Court increasing the sentences of 102 offenders.
Manchester mosque seriously damaged in suspected arson attack

Flames and smoke billow from the Nasfat Islamic Centre that was badly damaged by the blaze late on Sunday CREDIT: FACEBOOK/MEN MEDIA
 Danny Boyle 
17 JULY 2017 • 11:39AM
Amosque that has previously had pigs' heads thrown at it has been seriously damaged in a suspected arson attack.
The Manchester Nasfat Islamic Centre was badly damaged by a blaze late on Sunday, with three classrooms described as having been gutted.
Greater Manchester Police said the fire is being treated as suspicious and an investigation is under way.
Three classrooms and a worship area at the Islamic centre were badly damaged CREDIT: SEAN HANSFORD/MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS
The mosque, in the Newton Heath area of the city, has previously been hit by anti-Islamic abuse.
Monsurat Adebanjo-Aremu, branch secretary of the centre, told the Manchester Evening News that men have urinated outside the building and two pigs’ heads were once thrown into the mosque during worship.
She said that three classrooms were gutted by the blaze and described damage to the main area of worship as "severe".
Investigators outside the Nasfat Islamic Centre  CREDIT: SEAN HANSFORD/MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS
Around 30 firefighters were called to the scene, in Droylsden Road, at around 11.40pm.
A spokesman for the mosque said officials had received a call to say the centre was "being attacked".
No one was inside at the time and no injuries were reported.
A firefighter outside the Islamic centre on Monday morning CREDIT: SEAN HANSFORD/MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS
Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said in a statement: “We were called at 11.43pm to Droylsden Road in Newton Heath to reports of a fire.
"We sent five pumps to the scene and an investigation is now under way.”
A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: “The fire is being treated as suspicious and a joint investigation has been launched by GMP and GMFRS.”
Three years ago, a minibus used by the mosque was set alight by suspected arsonists.

Police hunt man who 'tried to pull off woman's hijab' at Baker Street Tube station

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