Re British Fishing Grounds-Letter to Michael Gove

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Re British Fishing Grounds-Letter to Michael Gove
« on: August 04, 2017, 07:14:29 PM »
Rt Hon Michael Gove MP                                                       Albert Burgess
The House of Commons                                                        15 Parliament Road
The Palace of Westminster                                                    Thame
London                                                                                South Oxfordshire
SW1A 0AA     
                                                                                           OX9 3TE
4th August 2017

Ref British fishing grounds.
Dear Michael
The almighty and your parents are undoubtedly responsible for giving you a face which screams out to the world I am a blithering idiot.
It was not necessary for you to open your mouth and confirm the fact that you are indeed a blithering idiot of the first ilk.
When we leave the EU we leave it all completely that means we recover our territorial waters and employ the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force to defend them.
Your surrender of our territorial waters to fishermen from the EU is nothing short of treason, I realise this will come as a total surprise to you but they are not your or governments waters to give away they belong to the people of Britain.
So as you obviously do not have the capacity for clear or logical thought being a blithering idiot let me think for you.
Prior to Edward Heath committing high treason in 1973 when he signed the treaty of Rome and gave away our fishing grounds which were the richest source of good quality fish anywhere in Europe, we had a large and efficient fishing fleet capable of meeting all our fish needs.
As the people took the decision to reverse forty years of high treason by government who have continually destroyed our industry and infrastructure on orders from Europe that means we take the lot back we leave not the smallest crumb for Europe.
What you should in fact be doing is laying down the keels for hundreds of fishing vessels of all types with a view to renting then or selling them to our fishermen, you should be pulling our old fishermen out of retirement and sending them around schools and colleges to encourage our young to enter the fishing industry as a part of that you could set up simulated ships or use old ships no longer fit for duty on the high seas to teach seamanship and navigation net repair and marine engineering. You can start building work in the docks to prepare them to take in and distribute fish around the country as well as building fish processing plants. Whilst you are at it try telling our farmers sod EU rules just grow food and feed the Kingdom. Who cares if a carrot grows through a right angle we will still eat it. You need to encourage young kids into farming
Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess

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