Ref Letters of immunity issued to the IRA by Tony Blair

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Ref Letters of immunity issued to the IRA by Tony Blair
« on: August 09, 2017, 08:53:15 PM »
Cressida Dick                                                                            Albert Burgess
Commisioner of the Metropolis
New Scotland Yard
Victoria Embankment
SW1A 2JL 8th August 2017 

Ref Letters of immunity issued to the IRA by Tony Blair
Dear Cressida
The people of this ancient Kingdom are sick to the back teeth of our politicians treating the Kingdoms money as their own personnel piggy bank and the laws of this Kingdom to be used by them as they like. And to break as the mood takes them. You by virtue of the office you hold are required to uphold the law as it is written not as politicians tell you they want you to uphold the laws of this Kingdom. If you take instructions from anyone it is Her Majesty not her ministers. Your job is to protect her Majesty’s subjects from harm that is the sum total of what we pay you and people like you for.
I would like you to pass my allegations of crime to your legal department and I do require a major crime book number not a crime related number, the allegations of crime I am submitting to you are major crime contrary to the laws and customs of this Realm of Britain as defined below.
In or around the years 2000/2007 Anthony Lynton Blair one time Prime Minister of the United Kingdom issued to 200 members of the IRA who were currently wanted for questioning for terrorist offences against her Majesty’s subjects, letters giving them immunity from arrest and trial for major crimes against her Majesty’s subjects both in Northern Ireland and in England. This dispensation from the penalty from their many serious crimes which includes the murder of her Majesty’s subjects is illegal and therefore void.
The question of the granting of dispensations from the penalty from offences was dealt with in the case Thomas vs. Sorrell 25 Charles II by Vaughn Chief Justice of the Common Pleas in 1674. Vaughn ruled the King cannot dispense with a penalty for a common law offence. The King can dispense with a penalty for a statute offence, but he cannot dispense with a penalty for all statute offences. The King cannot for example allow someone to commit murder. The King can dispense with a penalty when he is the sole victim, but he cannot dispense with a penalty when a third party who could claim for damages in a court of law is a victim. The King cannot for example, allow someone who has a duty to repair a bridge avoid liability to anyone using the bridge. Because that would remove the right of anyone injured by walking over the bridge due to its lack of repair, from claiming damages against those whose duty it was to keep the bridge in good repair.
This principle was demonstrated by Queen Elizabeth I who forgave the treason of the Earl of Essex when he attempted to strike her with his sword, but she removed his head when his treason was against her subjects.
Queen Elizabeth II is the lawfully anointed Queen of this island Kingdom and she is the supreme governor of this Kingdom and holds that high office with the approval of her subjects and by the common laws of Kingship and numerous acts of supremacy passed by Parliament the last vote in Parliament confirming her supremacy was on the 8th March 1784.
Parliament comprise the Lords spiritual and Temporal and the elected representatives of her Majesty’s subjects. Queen Elizabeth II rules this ancient Kingdom, Parliament are there to assist her Majesty to rule her Kingdom properly to the benefit of her subjects. Parliaments are advisors to her Majesty but the final say on whether a bill becomes law or not lies exclusively in her Majesty’s hands when she grants or refuses the assent to a bill. As advisors to her Majesty Parliaments cannot do what her Majesty is refused permission by law and the custom and practice of this Kingdom and plain common sense from doing. What Parliament cannot do government ministers who are accountable to her Majesty’s subjects through the floor of both Houses cannot do?
By granting these letters of immunity to wanted murderers Anthony Lynton Blair and his principle law officers have placed themselves above her Majesty and committed treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act and above the declared laws of this ancient Kingdom, a clear treason at common law against Parliament and her Majesty’s subjects.
Those members of the IRA native to Northern Ireland have made war on her Majesty’s subjects within the realm the charge against them is not murder but treason by making war on her Majesty’s subjects within the realm.
The allegations of crime against Anthony Lynton Blair one time Prime Minister of the United Kingdom are
(1) That he has entered into a conspiracy with her Majesty’s enemies to pervert the course of justice.
(2) That he has placed himself above her Majesty and assumed
Authorities which her Majesty does not by law possess and committed High Treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act and the laws and customs of this Kingdom.
(3)That he has committed Treason by giving aid and comfort to her Majesty’s enemies
You are required by virtue of the fact you hold the office of constable to investigate these allegations of major crimes against the state.
Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess

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