Drugs causing homosexuality ? Letter to Justine Greening 

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Drugs causing homosexuality ? Letter to Justine Greening 
« on: August 16, 2017, 08:10:11 PM »
Justine GREENING; [email protected]; Theresa MAY; [email protected]
Subject: drugs causing homosexuality
Dear Justine Greening MP, I would like to bring to your attention a scientific report regarding the fact, that females who are pregnant with a male foetus, who come into contact with small doses of mercury make their baby effeminate.
The scientists are Peter Frederick and Nilmini Jayasena.
This unusual scenario was first noticed with the actions of white Ibises  of the Florida Everglades. I also believe that fish in the river on Mt Shatna are experiencing the same reaction.The full report can be got from RSPB.RoyalSocietyPublishing.org.
They then looked at humans, and the worrying part is that mercury is a known endocrine disrupter. Young healthy pregnant women are being vaccinated with vaccines containing mercury. Since it`s already been scientifically established that a mother can pass various toxins to her unborn child via the umbilical cord. Is exposure to mercury causing children to be “born gay"?
Italian scientist and Journalist Gian Paolo Vanoli,70, seems to think so.
Dear Justine, I think, your department should stop trying to force children to be gay by indoctrination, the Dept of Health should also be stopping injecting the human race with endocrine disruptors.
Stop the bias BBC from also televising Indoctrinating Agenda. This cannot be right.
What else is being done to the human body with poisonous chemicals ?
The general public are getting very worried at the way your Government is heading.
Kind Regards
David Futers

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