UK should remind the EU that they don’t call the shots

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UK should remind the EU that they don’t call the shots
« on: August 16, 2017, 08:32:38 PM »
Notwithstanding John Humphrys’ comment last week that “UKIP haven’t even got a Leader, only an Interim Leader” (maybe he saw that I had called him ‘ga-ga’, and wanted to disprove it), today the Express and Sun are running my statement following the Transitional Arrangements row.
Following Nigel’s piece on the BBC criticising the extended Customs Union proposals, I called for the Government to stop negotiating until the EU dropped their insistence on getting the ‘divorce bill’, ECJ rights and Irish border question resolved first.
Read the full statement here:
UK should remind the EU that they don’t call the shots
It just struck me that Barnier and Verhofstadt strut about as though they are in charge, and will still be in charge after we’ve left. They insist on having their own requirements agreed first, before they will talk about ours – and it’s time the UK Government stopped playing along with it.
Lo and behold, today the Government actually tabled proposals for sorting out the only one of those three issues which is remotely realistic.

We responded with this:
UKIP welcomes soft border proposal for Northern Ireland, calls for EU to drop ‘ransom demand’ before talks continue
Then, if you please, the ludicrous Martin Schultz, former Socialist President of the European Parliament currently struggling to replace Angela Merkel, has told the UK to stop producing proposals, as they are “complicating the negotiations”!

The only possible response was to call him an idiot, so we did.
Former EU President Schultz is a complete idiot, says UKIP
Former European Parliament President Martin Schultz has today told the UK Government that its proposals for Brexit are “complicating the negotiations” and are “not meaningful”. That simply goes to prove that he is a complete idiot, said UKIP interim leader Steve Crowther.
“Yesterday Michel Barnier and Guy Verhofstadt said they wanted to resolve three issues before continuing negotiations; today the UK Government tabled proposals to solve one of them. And their long-time comrade-in-nonsense Martin Schultz complained that they didn’t want any more proposals.
“These negotiations are descending into farce. The UK Government should step away and wait until the EU heavies are ready to talk sensibly.”
Probably won’t get covered, but it had to be said.

Meanwhile our spokesmen have continued to harry the Government, the EU and even Nicola Sturgeon on everything from HS2 to Gibraltar:
• Jill Seymour on The Human Cost of the HS2 Disaster
• Nigel Farage and Jonathan Arnott on the EU ‘Air Miles’ Outrage
• Julia Reid welcomes Gibraltar To Remain British
• Mike Hookem says Sturgeon All At Sea with Scottish Fisheries Policy
And Mike Hookem as Veterans Spokesman has also gone into bat against the appalling decision of the British Government not to give legal aid to the brave Afghan interpreters who aided our forces for 13 years and have been denied asylum. As he says, it is utter madness to deny sanctuary to those who risked their lives to support our troops.
Conference shaping up to be a humdinger
Finally, I am delighted to say that a very high profile speaker – someone I have been keen to get onto our platform for many years – has accepted my invitation to speak at Conference on 29-30 September in Torquay. Just tying up the details before I will announce who it is – but don’t delay, book today!

Steve Crowther
Interim Party Leader


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