Is it ‘EXTREMIST’ to tell the TRUTH?  

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 Is it ‘EXTREMIST’ to tell the TRUTH?  
« on: August 21, 2017, 02:52:42 PM »
What do YOU regard as EXTREMISM?
 Is it ‘EXTREMIST’ to tell the TRUTH?
Whilst Great Britain and the rest of Europe is under murderous attack from various immigrant-invaders, evidently led by Muslims, who are unhappy living in Europe and want to kill as many Caucasoid people as they can; the British Stazi Police are arresting English, Scottish, Welsh & Irish people, for simply SPEAKING THE TRUTH!
The despotic tyrants that run our country seem to WANT us to be attacked and killed by immigrant-invaders. If they had an ounce of thought for our well-being, they would end immigration over night. But, their bankster bosses will NOT allow them to stop immigration, because the more people that live here, the more money the banksters make.
Even George Orwell never predicted anything as bad as Britain has become, and it must stop!

Great Britain 2017:
Jack Renshaw, pictured above, was arrested by the anti-terrorist political police (also known as the Communist Stazi) for simply making speeches, exposing the hidden truth of which group of immigrant-invaders controls our government and our people.
YOU, reader, have been told lots of lies, for a very long time and the patriots who expose those lies are treated as terrorists, by our own government and the Communist Stazi British Police Force!
This very brave young man is a friend of ours and he has not done anything UNLAWFUL. He is not paid anything by anyone. He doesn’t do what he does for personal reward of any kind. He is a very bright, university educated, articulate and honourable man, whose only ambition is to help free the Caucasoid peoples of Great Britain and the rest of the world, from the tyrannical enslavement we are held in.
Therefore, he is working for YOU, whether you support him or not.
YOU may be thinking: “Why should I care; I’ve got a job, I’m alright (Jack) and my kids are provided for.”
But, WILL your kids be alright; or will their enslavement be much worse than ours? If YOU don’t discover the truth, what chance have YOUR children got of discovering it?
The British Isles belongs to the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish PEOPLE and NOT the politicians. This land belongs to YOU and it is YOUR HOME, which means that you must take responsibility for it. Your ancestors have owned and worked this land for a minimum of 33,000 years. They starved, fought, bled and died to preserve a future for YOU and your offspring. Your ancestors took responsibility for their family and kinfolk, and they worked together to defend their homeland from various invaders, famines, droughts and pestilence. Now it’s YOUR turn to take action to save your family; your home; your land; and your country, from oblivion!
‘Owning’ this land means that we, the people, are free to CHOOSE our Monarch to represent us, and we also choose the politicians to run OUR COUNTRY and to speak on our behalf. They are NOT the bosses – WE ARE!
If we don’t like what they are doing, it’s up to us to tell them so and to tell them what we want them to do, instead.
You don’t have a dog and ‘bark’ yourself!
If someone broke into your home – regardless of whether the police allowed them to do so – would you simply do nothing and allow them to steal your possessions, rape members of your family, pervert the morals of your children, live in your home, drug your family, sit at your table, eat your food, sleep under your roof, use your money for whatever they want, and expect you NOT to complain? Politicians are allowing millions of those immigrant-invaders into our homeland and the disastrous effects will soon hit every one of us.
Will you take some lawful action to remove them?

You may say: “What can I do; I’m just an ordinary man?”
You can start by growing some balls and taking responsibility for yourself. This is YOUR fight and you’re sitting by the television being brainwashed by the race-mixing globalist slave masters that are destroying your future and your children’s future. Stop watching the Bolsjewik Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and their Mongoloid cousins at ITV and SKY, and start campaigning to rid our homeland of the despots that are controlling us.
You can start that process by asking yourself some questions about what IS and is NOT ‘extremism’ and when you’ve realised that you are being very selfish, by leaving it to others; you can join one of the many groups that are campaigning on behalf of YOU and YOUR FAMILY.
What do normal people regard as extremism?
Is it ‘extremism’ to expose the following?
The TRUTH of who controls governments; wars; money; taxation and drugs – those we’re not supposed to mention?
The facts of the mass murder of 60 million Christians, by Bolsjewiks, which has been covered up for almost 100 years?
The fact that those same banksters financed and created Bolsjewik Communism, to destroy Christian culture?
The fact that, from 1917, millions of innocent Christians were brutally murdered by 100,000 immigrant Bolsjewiks?
The genocide of a million Irish Christians between 1845 and 1850, which was carried out by the same people?
The genocide of seven to ten million Ukrainian Christians in ONE year 1932 to 1933, by Bolsjewiks?
The appalling anti-Christian and paedophilic TRUTH of the Jewish Talmud and the Muslim Qur’an?
The fact that a group of just 17 million people (a quarter of 1% of the world’s population) enslaves the world’s 7 billion people?
The fact that the Talmudic Rothschild central banks hold the world in tax-debt slavery; with puppet politicians?
The fact that the tyrannical British government LIES to our people about the phony so-called ‘National Debt’?
That our government continues to give away around £15billion every year in Foreign Aid, while our people go hungry?
The people that were behind the English, French, American & Russian Revolutions and most wars for hundreds of years?
The fact that those same people owned and controlled virtually every slave ship that brought Africans to the West?
The fact that those people ran the drug empire that caused both of the Opium Wars, between Britain and China?
That the genocide in Ireland ‘An Gorta Mor’ and Ukraine ‘Holodomor’, killing millions, were carried out by those same people?
The people who deliberately caused wars between the English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish and all Caucasoid peoples?
The fact that for hundreds of years those people have become filthy rich, while keeping our people in abject slavery?
The fact that over 90% of the world’s heroin comes from Afghanistan, which is controlled by those same people?
The fact that both the American & Russian crime syndicates are owned and controlled by those same people?
The fact that those same people control the modern day drug trade; kidnapping; enforced prostitution; and slavery?
The fact that by merely mentioning the name of those evil people can bring the Stazi Bolsjewik police to your door?
The fact that a minimum of 650,000 thousand immigrant-invaders settle in Britain EVERY YEAR – without our permission?
The fact that our Christian religion is being destroyed and replaced by a brutal alien ideology known as Islam?
The fact that British people are treated as 8th or 9th class citizens in our own country and our children are brutalised?
The fact that Great Britain and other Caucasoid countries are controlled by child-raping globalist banksters?
The fact that the mainstream media / TV / Radio / film industry etc are all controlled by the same sexual perverts?
The fact that school children are being exposed to disgusting Paedophile activity through the Education system?
The fact that children are being used as pawns to promote the perverted lifestyles of twisted gender freaks?
The fact that the Caucasoid peoples are being destroyed and replaced by Negroid & Mongoloid peoples?
The fact that immigrant-invaders, particularly violent Muslims, are used against us as Weapons-of-Mass-Destruction?
The fact that our own traitorous Government and Establishment carries out the orders of those despotic banksters?
If I told you who it is that rules over you, then you wouldn’t bother to do your own homework and you may or may not believe me, but if you find out for yourself, you will be certain of the facts. Remember the old saying which is ascribed to Voltaire…
“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise”

WHO is it that you are NOT allowed to criticise?
The above is just a fraction of the information that people MUST understand, otherwise those appalling actions, by evil people, will continue and our enslavement will increase!
The question is:
Is it ‘extremism’ to inform the public of these truths?
Of course it’s NOT, but while you were asleep the controllers re-named the action of ‘EXPOSING THE TRUTH’ as EXTREMISM!
What do YOU regard as EXTREMISM?
The following acts, which are being allowed to take place by our own government, are definitely EXTREMIST…
Allowing child rapists and paedophile Communist teachers to get away with destroying the lives of our children;
Allowing millions of immigrants to invade our country, take our money and jobs, and to subjugate our land and people;
Allowing immigrant-invaders to take everything that belongs to us and robbing our children of their future;
Allowing immigrant-invaders to murder our people, including executing our soldiers and police officers on our streets;
Continuing to allow Muslims into our country when MI5 know they’re a clear and present danger to our Christian people;
Continuing to allow millions of immigrant-invaders into OUR country without our permission and against our will;
Stopping British people speaking the truth of how those Negroid and Mongoloid peoples are behaving, in OUR country;
Filling our Parliament, Home Office, BBC, ITV and all our institutions with immigrant-invaders, against our will;
Allowing our Christian faith to be denigrated and destroyed by Communist Bolsjewiks, Talmudists and Islamists?
Allowing the genocide of our people to take place, under the Coudenhove-Kalergi plans to destroy the Caucasoid peoples?
Invading Arab countries and forcing those Mongoloid and Negroid peoples to flee the Middle East and travel West?
Turning a blind eye to Israel’s brutal and murderous treatment of Palestinians, in their own country;
Chasing Arabs from Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, so that Israel can illegally re-create the United Kingdom of Israel;
Here are some of the appallingly murderous crimes of the Bolsjewik Communists, that now control Great Britain….
 The British government and their Communist Stazi anti-terrorist political police have contravened our country’s constitution, along with breaching several international regulations:
Our ancient Common Law;
Our Constitution;
Magna Carta 1215;
Bill of Rights 1689;
European Convention on Human Rights;
United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP);
Will YOU do something about it?
Jack Renshaw is being held at HMP Preston and you could write to him, to express your support. It would cheer him up to receive some letters. Also, you may wish to follow the example of that brave young man.
If you would like to write to Jack, the address is as follows:
Jack Renshaw, Prisoner Number: A8056DZ
HMP Preston
2 Ribbleton Lane
Phone: 01772 444550

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