The most dangerous superstition of all

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The most dangerous superstition of all
« on: August 23, 2017, 08:31:33 PM »
"Question (all percieved) authority, including those who tell you to Question authority".

Today we sent a few friends a link to download an eBook (gratis) ...
Afterwards we though ... why not send it to all?
We are not sure how much longer this eBook will be available, or if we may need to remove it.  It is a very easy read, and hard to put down.  
We suspect that The CLS have been paraphrased more than once in the book, as perhaps have many others.  
It's not often we recommend an actual book to read.  On this occasion, we would also suggest that you download and share this one far and wide, because it explains a lot in very simple terms, even for People who may not yet be on board with some of this stuff.
Thank you all ... and enjoy the read,
Here is the >Link<
p.s. Pass the link on if you wish.

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