I will never again step into a Lidl store

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I will never again step into a Lidl store
« on: September 03, 2017, 08:49:21 PM »
I will NEVER again step into a Lidl store

During my regular stays in Gran Canaria (three months during summer months, a month in winter), for some years now I have been shopping at Lidl store in San Fernando/Playa del Ingles, spending cca. 2,500 euros per annum there. NEVER AGAIN!
I am totally disgusted by your removal of crosses from the Santorini church shown on packaging of Greek yoghurt, moussaka and other products.
 https://onehallyu.com/topic/571382-lidl-erases-church-crosses-from-greek-emblematic-landsc ape-on-food-packaging/
 https://www.mediacircus.com/2017/09/airbrushing-christianity-out-of-the-picture-supermarke t-chain-lidl-edits-christian-symbols-from-product-packaging/
Such disrespect and utter contempt for Christianity is shocking and totally incomprehensible. It is an insult to human decency and intelligence. You should be ashamed of yourself.
I will do my best to spread the word of your disgusting behavior, and I will urge everyone I know never to spend a single cent in any of your stores. I earnestly hope and pray that you will go bankrupt even before the invading jihadists take over your business and cut your throats.
This message will go to 2,000 addresses in my list, with the request that each recepient forwards it to at least a hundred other people.
Dr Srdja Trifkovic
Belgrade, Serbia
Whatever you think of petitions they can do some good. I used Citizen Go because it is international. Please sign and circulate. Link here: http://www.citizengo.org/en/86041-ask-lidl-replace-image-cross-it-has-removed-greek-products-it-sells
Ask Lidl to replace the image of the cross it has removed from the Greek products it sells.
There is an international movement to eliminate Christianity. I personally am not a believer but being a British man I know that our common law is based on our Christian religion . The British Government has already got rid of Habeas Corpus which is a basic human right. People like Christian Hartnagel are only concerned with profits not morals. Please sign and spread the petition and send him an email if you are as disgusted as . Email. [email protected] and head it for the personal attention of the managing director.
We are implored by our political and religious leaders to be tolerant. A tolerant society that permits outrages against our traditions, values and morality. Islam is the antithesis of tolerance. In Britain we drive on the left, just because other countries drive on the right does not give them the right to demand that we change to also drive on the right. Driving on the left originates from centuries ago when transport was by horse back. Mounting a house is accomplished on the left side of a horse, left foot into the stirrup, straighten the left leg to bring the waist level with the horse's back, swing the right leg over the saddle and away you go! Driving on the right goes back to maritime law where vessels travelling in opposite directions pass port side to port side thus sailing on the right, this also applies to canals and rivers even in Britain. Britain is Christian country, so why submit to Islamic culture and Islamist demands? Do the Islamists demand a ban on the ankh? The symbol of life from ancient Egyptian times but still used by Muslims. Near enough to a Christian crucifix for me!

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