How about both of these men for UKIP?

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How about both of these men for UKIP?
« on: September 05, 2017, 08:00:40 PM »
How about both of these men for UKIP?

John Reece Evans

London Assembly Member David Kurten in Bournemouth
London Assembly Member David Kurten speaking at the UKIP National Conference in Bournemouth on September 17, 2016.


Graham Brant, Chairman, UKIP Dorset
I wrote some weeks ago that UKIP was at the crossroads, and the need for all the candidates selected by party members to be on the Ballot for our next Leader.
The N.E.C. is to be commended for its majority decision to allow all candidates to stand.  It tells us, the members, that the majority are listening, and it tells the minority that the members’ opinions are important, and should be taken into account in deciding how the party must be run.
Soon, the ballots for the leadership vote will be arriving in our mail boxes, and we must make the most difficult decision.  Who is to be our next leader?
Discussion and emails are flying around following our opportunities to meet those candidates who seek our votes.  Who do we pick?
Who among the remaining candidates has the winning personality essential to regain the trust of those who have left the party and also attract new members to take UKIP past the 4million plus peak levels of support for our policies under Nigel Farage.
That is not to say we expect another Nigel.  As with all leading politicians he is one of a kind.  There is no other among us with his drive, his commitment, his loyalty to Queen and Country, and his determination to see Britain made Great as a free standing democracy released from the control of unelected Bureaucrats in Brussels. Nigel was and remains unique in his ability to bring together different politics, different faiths, and different people to work together in the common interests of sovereignty and democracy.
But now that the one man who has achieved what the MSM and the ‘establishment’ never believed possible has retired, another must carry on the fight. 
Our choices are excellent.  Our members have nominated and supported a wide range of male and female candidates each with their own unique strengths and abilities.  Our choice will decide the face, format and future of UKIP.  What qualities do we need most in our next leader?
-        Policies that resound with the population are important.  Will his or her personal views on current affairs in the national and regional news strike a chord with the electorate
-        A record of achievement within UKIP’s recent history would be an added advantage. It demonstrates a commitment to working with the grass roots efforts for our constituency needs.
-        Views in accord with British Values would be attractive to many who feel our British identity is being diluted to a level that makes us indistinguishable from the cultures of other countries.
-        The ability to lead, harness and encourage the expertise within the grass roots party membership is essential
Proven capabilities in meeting the media, and responsible representation of our membership.
Our next leader will be the public face of you and me, the grass roots members.  You and I will be judged on how our new leader appears in public, and with the media.  He or she will be accountable for UKIP building on past success, or responsible for UKIP being consigned to the history of politics without ever being an effective Parliamentary Party.
This is our last chance to build an effective opposition party to mainstream left of centre politics with the most experienced and successful team of activists in recent times.  
We need a leader with an image acceptable to a winning number of the electorate, one who will draw support from left and right among people who understand the difference between right and wrong.  A leader who believes from the heart that Great Britain will continue to be at the top tables in world affairs, and is capable of making decisions for the benefit of you and I and our families, for the future generations that will follow.
Few of us (including me) will have the opportunity to meet, listen to and spend time with all the candidates.  But many of the activist UKIP members have gone to great lengths to meet as many as possible. 
Here in the South West, our well organised region and constituencies have given all candidates the opportunity to present themselves to the grass roots members both in hustings where we can judge for ourselves their comparative merits.  We owe a major vote of thanks to our hard working members for their efforts, as well as to those candidates who have given their time to meet with us.
This Leadership Campaign has clearly demonstrated that the South West region of UKIP is alive, well, and wanting a good leader who will rebuild the party with the committed support from our region.
I believe that three candidates meet nearly all the criteria I have outlined.  As I only have one vote, the final choice was difficult.
In my final analysis and having learned from my past campaign experiences both managing and dealing with candidates, my choice is the only one who fulfils our greatest need: improving our image.  We need an improved public image, and a good effective presence with social media.
I was reminded today by my Constituency and County Chairman, Graham Brant that IMAGE IS EVERYTHING.
We need a new Leader who will restore the image of UKIP as defined by our past success. In spite of many claims to the contrary, I believe UKIP will go down in political history as the reason for the calling of the Referendum to leave the EU, and also being the party responsible for the result.  Our grass roots ability to inform, educate, and persuade the British Electorate needs another leader with a personality appeal that crosses all political borders.
If you agree please join me in supporting DAVID KURTEN, and please use your best efforts to share that decision with other UKIP grass roots members.
David has moved on from his career as a chemistry teacher, and is now carrying the UKIP Flag as an elected member of the London Assembly.
David’s recent media coverage and television appearances leave the best impression of who and what UKIP was, is, and can be.
Kind regards
David Nevett

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