Labour will never allow UKIP youth to speak Conference Cancelled After Threats

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Labour will never allow UKIP youth to speak .........................UKIP Conference Cancelled After Threats by Alt Left Activists

Jack Scott Cllr Jack Scott, Labour Councillor for Park and Arbourthorne said::

"It's great for Sheffield that The Bessemer has also canceled this divisive event. ...See more
Update re. Young Independence
As you will be aware the Hilton cancelled the event they were due to host today for YI.
However we found out late last night they had booked The Bessemer on Leopold Street. SUTR highlighted to The Bessemer that their invited speakers were associated with hate speech - Anne Marie Waters (a former leader of Pegida UK) and Martin Sellner (Generation Identitaire and Defend Europe) who has admitted to being a Nazi sympathist.?????????
On learning of the natur...See more

Anti-racism group Sheffield Stand Up To Racism along with other antiracists in the city have successfully managed to force UKIP to cancel its Youth Conference planned for tomorrow at the Sheffield Hilton hotel.
On Monday, Sheffield Stand Up To Racism called a demonstration outside the hotel supported by Sheffield Unite Against Fascism because UKIP had invited Martin Sellner,
Austrian leader of Generation Identitaire (the far-right anti-immigration & anti-Muslim network) to be the main speaker along with Anne Marie Waters the UKIP leadership
challenger and former leader of Pegida in the UK.
(Sellner is also one of the organisers of the Defend Europe network which has been taking direct action against migrants and refugees. He has admitted to having Nazi
sympathies in the past).
UKIP also failed to secure any other venue in Sheffield or Barnsley including the Novotel in Sheffield. We are grateful to all the venues who declined the booking from Young
Independence, the youth wing of UKIP, rejecting the party’s racism, Islamophobia and hate.

UN Anti-Racism Day demonstration, all backed by TUC london/2017/09/02/alt-left- threats-intimidation-shut- down-conference-young-ukip- members/

by JACK MONTGOMERY2 Sep 2017753
A conference in Sheffield for the UK Independence Party’s young supporters has been cancelled after a campaign of threats and intimidation by Alt-Left activists, according to its organisers.
“It is with great reluctance that we have been forced to announce that the Young Independence #Horizons conference has been cancelled/postponed indefinitely,” reads an online letter from the YI executive council.
“Unfortunately, the Hard Left Stand Up to Racism organisation planned a protest at the hotel and has sent a large amount of abusive and threatening emails to Hilton Hotel staff. … The Hilton inform us that the quantity of emails that were of an aggressive nature was overwhelming and they decided that owing to an increased security risk posed by the Far Left to delegates, hotel guests and Hilton staff they have been left with very little option than to cancel the event.”
The youngsters had also planned to hire out a boat for a get together after their conference, but this was cancelled as well after Alt-Left activists allegedly “decided that it would be appropriate to send abusive messages” to the small business owner who would have been hosting.
“The lady who runs the boat company informed us that protesters were threatening to cause damage to the boat and although she was personally disgusted with their actions, she simply could not take the serious risk posed by the protesters,” the letter claims.
The group attempted to secure a fallback venue, with the Novotel also cancelling their booking before premises was finally securely in Barnsley.
However, “only three of [the] Leadership candidates and/or UKIP speakers confirmed their attendance”, with two confirming they would not attend and one objecting to the invitation of Martin Sellner, who leads the Defend Europe mission against NGOs and people-smugglers in the Mediterranean, to the conference.
“We defend our decision to invite Mr. Sellner as a person who has experienced first-hand one of the greatest man-made crises in Europe since the Second World War and, arguably, one who attempted to prevent politically motivated NGOs from encouraging human-trafficking and illegal immigration,” the organisers wrote.
“We understand the controversies, however we simply do not believe in no-platforming a person because we don’t agree with every aspect of their views.”
YI noted that some of the UKIP leadership candidates are “not without controversy” themselves, naming, in particular, Anne Marie Waters — a critic of Islam described as “an Irish lesbian feminist” by The Times.
“Naturally, it would be unthinkable for us to exclude her while she is a candidate in the current leadership elections,” they wrote.
Would-be conference attendees who had already made travel arrangements were advised that many planned speakers and organisers will still be in Sheffield and would try to meet with supporters informally.
Nevertheless, YI complained that the state of affairs they find themselves in represents “a massive attack on freedom of speech and reflects the very worrying times we face in this country, where those who have opposing views are able to force events to be cancelled because of their keenness to be violent towards those of an opposing view”.

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