Brexit at Noon. What next

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Brexit at Noon. What next
« on: September 08, 2017, 05:36:19 PM »
Brexit at Noon
The Freedom Association's Better Off Out campaign's daily update

The media is full of stories about yesterday's debate on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill that allows for the repeal of the European Communities Act (1972) and the transporting (for now) of EU legislation onto the UK's Statute book.

There were many clashes in the Commons yesterday as David Davis set out the plan, and MPs from all sides engaged in the debate. It seems, however, that what Anna Soubry told the Today Programme earlier in the week are wearing thin. She told the presenter that she knew of no Tory MP that was looking to vote against the bill. It seemed close to not being the case yesterday as Dominic Grieve described the bill as an "astonishing monstrosity" and Ken Clarke warned the government that it might be forced "back to the drawing board". That said, the Labour Party also have their rebels, which means that it's still likely the bill will pass onto its next stage.

The stage of the bill that is most likely to provide trouble is at its Committee Stage; however, I'm delighted to see that yesterday the election of six TFA members / Better Off Out and Leave supporting MPs from the Conservative Party onto the so-called 'Brexit Committee' (formerly known as 'Exiting the European Union Select Committee') was confirmed. This committee will play a key role in scrutinising legislation and we are glad that so many supporters have been elected onto it (and that some of our detractors weren't).

Nonetheless, another issue occupying the minds of the media today is a later circulating among Conservative backbenchers which demands that the UK does not pay any money to the EU during any so-called transition period. This apparently has the backing of some 30 Conservative MPs so far but obviously not Nicky Morgan. She told the Today Programme that she didn't approve of the letter's contents. Well, she might not - but I suspect the country will wonder why on earth the UK taxpayer could have to pay monies akin to membership to something that we aren't a member of. Given that work from Lawyers for Britain has indicated the UK might be owed money from the EU, why shouldn't the UK be paid money by the EU to have access to our market during any transition period?
Rory Broomfield
Director of The Freedom Association and Better Off Out campaign 

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The Freedom Association's Better Off Out campaign's daily update


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