Letter from Albert Burgess concerning FOI to Rt Hon Jeremy Wright QC

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Rt Hon Jeremy Wright QC                                                                 MP Albert Burgess
5-8 Sanctuary
7th September 2017
Freedom of information request
Dear Jeremy
On the 11th July 2017 I wrote to you to ask how the 1701 Act of Settlement was amended to allow denizens or naturalised subjects to receive orders of nobility, to sit in either House of Parliament or the Privy Council or to hold offices of public trust military or civil.
The 1701 Act of Settlement is major constitutional law dealing as it does with the inheritance of the Crown of England. You are a Queens Council so we can assume knowledgeable in the laws of England so you will be aware the 1949 Nationality Act and the 1968 Race Relations Act and all subsequent Acts are statute law coming as the do under administrative law with no constitutional claim, as such they are unable to amend by implied repeal any constitutional act or the custom and practice of England which forbids denizens or naturalised subjects holding any offices of public trust.
The reason our forefathers placed these restrictions of denizens and naturalised subjects is because their first duty of loyalty is to the country of their birth, if they were born here of naturalized parents the registration of their live birth naturalizes them but their first duty of loyalty is to their fathers country of birth. I takes ten generations being born her before the eleventh generation are considered English in their own right.
We currently have approximately forty naturalized Muslims in the House of Lords purporting to hold English Peerages who regularly hold meetings to discuss imposing upon her Majesty’s natural born subjects Sharia Law an evil and satanic cult totally alien to our good English law and Christian beliefs. Precisely the reason our forefathers banned them from holding offices of public trust. And enshrined these restrictions in our common and constitutional law and the custom and practice of England..
My questions to you are.
As the King is forbidden from changing this law, how was it done when the King cannot give the assent?
As Parliament is banned from making any law on naturalization without putting in a disabling clause banning naturalized subjects from holding offices of public trust as banned by the constitutional laws of England, how w3as it done?
As her Majesty’s principle law officer what do you propose to do to uphold the constitution of England and remove all denizens and naturalised subjects from both Houses of Parliament, the Privy Council, and all offices of public trust military and civil?
Failure to act will render you liable to arrest and trial for treason against the Constitutional arrangements of England,
I would refer you to the prerogatives of the King Sir Mathew Hale CJ 1713, Sir William Blackstone CJ, Commentaries on the Laws of England 1769, Chitty A Treatise on the Law of the Prerogatives of the Crown and the Relative Duties and Rights of the Subject, Primary Source Edition 1820. I could go on with references but these should suffice. I do require an answer as defined by the Freedom of Information Act 2000, I am enclosing my last letter which you ignored for reference.
Respectfully Submitted
Albert Burgess

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