Magna Carta

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Magna Carta
« on: September 11, 2017, 04:03:22 PM »
 Magna Carta
   Dear Chairman.
   You will have noted that  Hungary and Slovenia and other Eastern European Countries are telling the E U that they will not be turned into a country of migrants and that they must retain their identities.   We have failed to integrate and bear the consequences of areas of our country which have changed.
  The E U has failed to learn the lessons of Australia and their Boat people and appear to be giving succour to people smugglers and able bodied young men who, like us during Two world wars, could be fighting to win back control of their own countries.  If we are to help in any way it must not be by sending cash but rather by building  living communities in various areas of these countries ,which are now a bit safer ,and the people should want to stay in such improved living conditions.  This would encourage other nationals to work for their own betterment in their birth countries.
  I believe that Nigel is due back in Brussels very soon. Nigel has been   wasted on LBC and is replaced in daily Media by Jacob Rees Mogg a great Anti E U spokesman and  is gaining mass support. I hope that you in UKIP can persuade Nigel to take up the matter of immigration and retrieving Magna Carta from unelected E U foreigners who have  ruled us illegally  .  This according to our constitution  of Magna Carta which all  our politicians celebrated the 900 th Anniversary recently and then forgot all about it.    The worth of Magna Carta  must be reinstated in the minds of all POLITICIANS and ALL People even if we have to resort to Twitter, al la Trump and even Cameron and Vine At BBC, and Facebook for so my people who only live by these "communications "
  UKIP must also re engage with the former 4 million who supported us and also the 90% over people who voted in the referendum to become a major polirtical force for our future.
     Terry Lyden  ( Elder of the tribe Grand Britannia)   Laleham

'we have failed to integrate' : how do you integrate with people who don't want to integrate?

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