Brexit at Noon. The future as "a known unknown"

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Brexit at Noon. The future as "a known unknown"
« on: September 20, 2017, 06:01:31 PM »
This week seems to be proving an important one with regards to the Brexit negotiations. With the fallout from Boris Johnson's article still being talked about, expectations about what may be in Theresa May's Florence speech and the German Elections still to come, the consequences for the UK - and the EU - are high.

It does seem from the reporting surrounding the German elections that the 'known known' is that Merkel will once again be the Chancellor of Germany. What is the 'known unknown' is what her reaction will be to Theresa May's speech in Florence and, specifically, whether she (or, indeed, Schulz if he wins) will do more to move the negotiations on.

A lot of this seems to come down to money. It is reported in a range of newspapers today that the 'Brexit Bill' Theresa May will offer the EU on Friday will be between £17bn and £20bn. It is also said that this will apply during a transition deal.

It's just worth noting that legally the UK owes the EU no money after we leave. When we leave, we leave. If Brexit really does mean Brexit, it does not mean a 'Brexit Bill'. Nonetheless, it is suggested that Philip Hammond has 'won' the discussions in Cabinet over his idea of a 'stand-still' transition period - possibly with an 'implementation phase' post-transition. This would make a mockery of the process and could allow for a 'permanent transition' - which makes no sense - to come about.

The only money that the UK should pay to the EU is if we voluntarily continue to be part of some of the schemes run by the EU. This does not mean giving the EU carte-blanche over agency work, however.

Providing for the long-term security, stability, prosperity, and freedom of the UK will mean doing a number of things for ourselves. This includes capitalising on investment opportunities. On this, Liam Fox has the right idea in trying to help UK companies invest in the growth throughout the rest of the world. As he mentions in an article for BrexitCentral:

"Even the European Commission predicts 90% of global growth over the next 20 years will be outside the EU, and Britain will now have the flexibility to increase our trade with the rest of the world."

Being able to maximise this potential requires the UK to leave the EU Customs Union. Any transition that stops the UK from leaving this will represent a Brexit Bill in disguise - an opportunity cost set against our future freedom.  

If you want to help push forward to positive reasons why we voted to Leave - and the benefits of Brexit - please donate to Better Off Out and our Stop Blair Campaign to help keep up the campaign for Brexit. 
Rory Broomfield
Director of The Freedom Association and Better Off Out campaign 

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