Another BBC mark of shame

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Another BBC mark of shame
« on: September 28, 2017, 06:59:58 PM »
 The BBC is now acting as a fully co-opted member of the Remain rearguard. This week’s scare story on supposed post-Brexit food prices and shortages was an extraordinary piece of distortion.
A series of people were recorded saying that under certain circumstances there might be an adverse effect on their area of work or business following Brexit. One was a man who imports chickens, who said their “could” be higher prices. This was followed by an interview with Owen Paterson MP in which John Humphrys plumbed new depths, even by his standards.
The whole confected premise was to create the required headline, scaring people into believing that food prices would rocket and there would be shortages and empty shelves in the shops after Brexit. The fact that food prices are likely to fall, and the UK economy could receive a huge boost from import substitution, was mentioned in the report but entirely ignored by the news headline and the Humphrys interview.
John Humphrys’ interviews increasingly resemble Monty Python’s ‘Mouse Organ’ sketch, in which a deranged man thumps a line of mice with mallets to make them squeak, until he is dragged off the stage.
Another BBC mark of shame
The verdict was published this week on the youth who punched a Polish man in Harlow last August. The man died, the BBC reporter got a local to say “Farage has blood on his hands” and the whole circus went off on one. A vigil led to further violence, the Polish cabinet were involved, the hysteria over ‘post-Brexit xenophobia’ was stoked – yet even the police were not calling it a hate crime.
Because actually it was a brawl between some drunk Polish men and some drunk Harlow kids, with reported racist remarks – aimed at the locals. A punch, a fall, a head injury, and a remorseful young man.
No apology from the Project Fear HQ, though. Funny that. This account by Brendan O’Neill of the free speech organisation Spiked is worth a read. It was also covered in The Sun and the Sunday Times. Here’s Nigel’s response on LBC.
But: excellent BBC profile of Caroline Jones
The BBC have published an excellent profile of Caroline Jones, one of our Assembly Members in Wales. Read it here:
Conference shaping up to be one of our classics
With the announcement of our exceptional line-up of guests, including the AfD Deputy Leader and an adviser to the Czech President, plus the news that members attending will be making the choice of our new brand image, it’s a wonder we will have time to welcome a new Leader as well!
With UKIP rising in the polls, and the Lib Dems still failing to raise their ratings, our prospects are definitely on the up.
Our new phase of growth will kick off at this Conference. If you haven’t booked your tickets, do so without delay. Torquay is particularly lovely at this time of year.
A lot to talk about this week 
It’s been a busy week for the Press Office, we have been ripping it out of everyone who needs it, and celebrating where appropriate.
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