It seems we Kippers are cursed Aftermath of 2017 election

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It seems we Kippers are cursed Aftermath of 2017 election
« on: October 01, 2017, 03:35:42 PM »
It seems we Kippers are cursed – the times, after electing our new leader, are going to remain exceedingly ‘interesting’.
I was going to report on more happenings from the conference, but it seems we all need to ask ourselves some very serious questions indeed. Let me start with asking about two items which puzzled me last evening and which still puzzle me.
When I came back yesterday many readers and members had emailed me about Henry Bolton’s win, expressing their anger on two points: a) that HB was a LibDem, and b) that “he called us Nazis”. Well, the first one is irrefutable, but it seems to be far more heinous to have been a LibDem, leaving in 2005, than having been a Labourite, joining UKIP in 2013. Why is that?
What was UKIP all about, since its inception? Correct: leaving the EU and regaining our sovereignty. Was this a major issue at the start of the Millennium? Not for the huge majority of the British people. Remember, the influence of the Lisbon Treaty, signed by Brown, had not yet be felt, never mind penetrated into the national consciousness.
What about the danger of islam? Hand on heart: did that concern you in 2005? Or even in 2013? Well, speaking for myself, it concerned me and I tried to learn and inform myself as best I could from the time I had better internet access and our lads started to die in Iraq and Afghanistan. It concerned me even more when we learned about Labour’s open borders, about their ‘invitation’ to mostly muslims from the subcontinent, about Mandelson’s crowing that they wanted to ‘rub the noses of The Right’, showing them up as racists.
We’ve all been on that particular journey, haven’t we! What puzzles me is how, with lightning speed (when applied to politics), UKIP has become so polarised that members seem to think that there’s one issue only which really matters, that everything must be subjugated to one single issue, that even questions of how to achieve this politically are simplified to ‘tell the truth’, ‘read the manifesto’, and don’t even debate the proposals, never mind criticise them.
Deportation and internment of whole groups of people plays well on blogs and in pubs (yes, I’m guilty of that as well!) – but it is permissible to ask how that is going to be achieved within our legal framework; it is permissible to point to examples of e.g. internment in our not-so recent past, is it not?
Let me just add that we’ve always deplored the Left’s lack of historical knowledge, their unwillingness to learn from history.
This brings me to the second point: the outcry from so many members – generally on twitter, with photos posted of UKIP membership cards having been cut to pieces – that they’re leaving because Henry Bolton called them Nazis.
Well, he didn’t. But again, as is typical for what passes as modern political discourse, it’s about something half-heard which is then taken as plain truth (‘it was on Twitter, and so-and-so said he said …’) and about being instantly offended. Funny, I’ve laboured under the impression that being instantly offended is something we associated with the religion of peace and a certain group of Lefties who are instantly offended when we call them ‘snowflakes’ …
Of course, none of us horrible, staid, uneducated Kippers who’ve not voted for AMW must take offence when she insinuates (in her tweet after the result that ‘jihad = 1, truth = 0’) that, by not voting for her, we are jihadi supporters and liars …
There’s something else which puzzles me: haven’t we been told during the last week of campaigning that it’s unacceptable for members to throw their toys out of their prams and leave instead of unifying behind AMW, that this is childish? And here they are doing just that …
Here’s another puzzle: Brexit. We won it but we haven’t got it. I would hope that Kippers especially listened to Ms May’s Florence speech, that they took in what Mr Juncker had to say about how the EU will now steam ahead, that Mr Verhofstadt and Mr Tusk keep doing their best to keep us in, with the help of our EUrophilic Whitehall mandarins.
What did UKIP do? We let ourselves get seriously sidetracked by fighting like ferrets in a sack about one issue only and who is or isn’t sufficiently anti-islamic. Brexit? “We are not interested any longer,” was the message to the country. Did it and does it really not matter any more that the Government is failing to deliver Brexit? Will we be proud to have ‘taught the masses about islam’ when Eurogendfor squads stalk our streets and intern us – because Brexit was not so important? If we want to prevent our country from becoming a caliphate, should we not fight with all our strength to get rid of the EU shackles which most certainly will accelerate the caliphatisation of the whole continent? You do know that ‘free movement of people’, if we don’t fight for Brexit, means the legal immigration of ‘new EU citizens’ who at the moment languish in Calais and Italy, do you not?
Isn’t this insistence on fighting against islam in our country a bit like trying to fix a dripping tap while the river outside is flooding and seeping into our basements? It’s more sandsacks we need, not a new washer!
Politics is the art of the possible. Yes, we need those who ‘tell the truth’, but we also do need those who’ve learned from life what is and what isn’t possible.
Here’s my final puzzle: why should it be impossible to ‘tell the truth’ while still a member of UKIP?

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