--on the EU Dictatorship/Catalan/Eurogendfor/EUPST subject again:  

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---on the EU Dictatorship/Catalan/Eurogendfor/EUPST subject again:
UKIP DAILY   2.10.17    Letters Section of the UKIP Daily  2/10/17   (www.ukipdaily.com)
It’s amazing that the Guardia Civil aren’t being even more effective in Catalonia than they already are because the European Union has been up to its tricks again. Not content with creating a EUROGENDFOR, they’ve now set up European Police Services with a training area at the ‘Centre of Excellence for Police Special Training in Lograno, Northern Spain and guess who was in charge of the first training session? Yes, that’s right:  the Guardia Civil!  Although Italy ‘led’ the first EUPST exercise (along with the participation of Spain, the Netherlands, Romania and CEPOL, The EU Agency for Law Enforcement Training  —  heard of it?), it was Spain which was put in charge of training the first 600 EUPST officers.
The scheme was set up in 2015 in order to, apparently ‘contribute more effectively to international stability and peace in countries emerging from crisis situations and thus to promote peace and security’.  Yeah, quite. And ‘to enhance the skills of police officers likely to be deployed in conflict situations’.  Aha, now we know.  And don’t let the ‘international’ bit fool you, when did the EU ever stick to rules?
As the Spanish government said yesterday ‘The Catalonia Referendum runs counter to the goals and ideals of the European Union’ and Spain will do all it can to suppress the democratic goals and ideals of the Catalonians  —  even if they have to use the skills of their recently trained Special Police Service.
The second EUPST session was held in October 2016 which was attended by 200 police officers from 11 countries from the American and African continents (Algeria, Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Colombia, Guinea-Bissau, Mauritania, Morocco, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, and Senegal) and also from 13 European countries, which included Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain and, shamefully THE UNITED KINGDOM.
In the closing speech of the session, the Spanish Minister of the Interior recalled that the aim of this international exercise is to ‘unify procedures and standardise capabilities to develop more successful civil and military crisis management missions that can be carried out under a European Union mandate’
We have been warned.
As UKIP’s slogan now says: OUT NOW!
                                                   Respectfully, Sonya Jay Porter

 Catalan Protestors 'clash' with police is weighted and misleading.

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