To Directors and patrons of Change Britain.

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To Directors and patrons of Change Britain.
« on: October 27, 2017, 05:02:11 PM »
To Directors and patrons of Change Britain.


Lord Maurice GLASMAN  (Contact a Lord)

Lord GUTHRIE.  (contact a Lord)


Robert SALISBURY ([email protected] Britain.)

Gisela STUART       (Bach Choir.)

                                        A QUESTION ABOUT CHANGE BRITAIN.

Dear Lady and Gentlemen, I have not used your Change Britain address because I would like your individual responses.

Most MP's and members of the establishment refuse to discuss our constitution in public, and in fact many deny in public that we do have one. They spread the lie because our constitution was written over centuries and not put into one document like the American constitution. The Americans copied our constitution because it was so good.

My belief and others, who have analysed our constitution, know how great is the control of the media and establishment, that even the ardent Brexiteers will not discuss our constitution. We believe that this is because as our constitution forbids anyone giving away our sovereignty, (Control of our affairs) to a foreign state, that they are afraid to expose the corruption of all governments since 1972.  Edward Heath knew that he would be signing a treaty that was against our constitution. because the highest law officer in the land, Lord Kilmuir wrote to him and explained the law to him. The letter known,  colloquially as the Kilmuir letter, was kept hidden for thirty years. However when it was prised from the national archives after thirty years, Heath admitted to parliament and later in his memoirs, that he knew he was giving away some sovereignty. Many believe that Heath was blackmailed into signing the treaty of Rome because of the knowledge of his pedophilia. 

Since that time, other unlawful treaties have been signed. Norris McWhirter and Rodney Atkinson started a case in the courts which proved that the treaties were unlawful but the then attorney general took the case over and dropped it stating that it was not in the public interest. I think the latest referendum shows that there is a great public interest.

Many believe that the Brexit negotiations are a ploy designed to keep us in the EU. 

Their main reason for believing this is, the censorship of the media and personalities including MPs And Lords who are not allowed to discuss our constitution. Last year we went through the Magna Carta celebrations with no mention of the most important freedoms we have. The freedoms given at magna carta and subsequently by our constitution. 
Before the referendum there were five parliamentary petitions discussed in Westminster Hall concerning for and against Brexit. The sixth concerning the Kilmuir letter, despite receiving the necessary 10,000 signatures was not discussed. When I queried why, using the freedom of information act, I received the reply that it was not the policy of parliament to reveal advice written by an individual. So an unnamed individual frustrated the will of parliament.

As an aside I hope that you two Lords do not excuse yourselves by hiding behind the parliamentary protocol that ministers use to avoid answering embarrassing questions connected with their ministerial office. "As you are not a constituent of mine, parliamentary protocol stops me answering your question". 
So, I and others suspect that there is a huge conspiracy, with powerful people controlling parliament who have a globalist agenda. The proof lies in the UN agenda 21, (now 30)

I note that Gisela has served part of her parliamentary career with the security services. 

She would know how the security services use the knowledge of establishment pedophiles as a way of controlling parliament.

So, you five leaders in the Change Britain organisation, are you a front for the globalists or do you genuinely want Britain to leave the EU. I and others ask why Gisela published a piece that leaving the EU at any price was not advisable.

Many wonder why the fact that ALL the Brexit organisations refuse to discuss our constitution and how it makes all UK treaties with the EU unlawful.

Change Britain could force David Davis to answer the judicial review papers, signed and sealed by the high court just over three weeks ago. We believe that he will ignore his duty to reply within 21 days and the courts being part of the establishment will block any further moves. You could ensure that this does not happen. 

You two Lords could also make a point of order to your speaker. "Would you Mr. Speaker please rule on the Kilmuir letter and our constitution as to the effect it has on the lawfulness of the UK treaties with the EU".

If you do not know the maxim in law I repeat it here; Common law is superior to statute law. Any statute contrary to common law is null and void.

What Gisela implies by her statement is that we can continue to ignore the rule of law if it does not suit us.

The price we would pay for following her statement is to continue to allow the subjugation of the peoples of Great Britain. If all the EU treaties were declared unlawful in Parliament, our laws could revert back to the position that they were in 1972. There is already the provision before parliament to adopt EU law for the transition. This may be a way to ease or modernise the law as it existed in 1972 because circumstances have changed, but overall we could immediately stop paying money into the EU and regain our border control.

You four have the power to get our country back. If you believe in the rule of law, you know what you have to do.

To help you in your decision, just bear in mind that the child abuse is continuing to this day, so that the Globalists can control you. All the historical child abuse inquiry is to cover up what is happening today. Bernard Hogan Howe admitted before the Home Affairs Select committee, that two lorries loads of documents were shredded to stop enquiries into child abuse. The instruction to do that must have come from the highest level. 

Your silence will continue to allow this corruption. 

Sincerely. JohnTimbrell. 

P.S. I have circulated this for my own protection. I do not want to go to prison on trumped up charges. Melanie Shaw was one of 50 Children  abused at the Nottingham Beechwood Children's Home. The others accepted £50,000 as compensation  (or more correctly, silence money). She did not want compensation. She wanted the establishment abusers and murderers to be brought to justice. She is still in prison under the establishment of which you are a part.

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