Enemies Within and Enemies Without Conspire Against Brexit Britain  

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Dear Friends and Supporters
Enemies Within and Enemies Without Conspire Against Brexit Britain
Firstly, Breaking News in Catalonia:  A controversial exercise in Democracy is taking place there, the wealthiest region of Spain. The Catalan people voted for Independence by a landslide on October 1st, amidst harsh Spanish repression, but this referendum was deemed to be illegal and the situation remains volatile. Just today, the Catalan Parliament backed this by voting 70 to 10 to declare Independence for Catalonia. We may be seeing the birth of a new nation! The Spanish Senate has responded by invoking Article 155, imposing direct rule over Catalonia. Either the Spanish Government tries to violently repress Catalonia, or it loses all credibility by letting it go. The people are on the streets and Jean-Claude Juncker has now warned of “more cracks” in the EU amid the Catalan crisis! In any case, the Spanish economy will be devastated by this rupture, and this devastation could even bring on a new Eurozone crisis!
On the Brexit negotiations front, the European Council agreed last week to delay the vital second stage of Brexit negotiations which focus on trade. This is a vain attempt to squeeze more money out of Britain in the first stage. Ludicrously out of touch European Parliament President Antonio Tajani even commented the suggested €20 billion (£17.9 billion) Brexit Bill is ‘peanuts’! Perhaps to him, but not to ordinary working people! They did, however, agree to begin ‘preparations’ for trade talks with Britain – preparations they should have started months ago! Negotiations will get going again on the 6th November. Given how urgent it is for business and the City for a good trade deal to be agreed quickly, this leisurely pace from the negotiators is not welcome. They should work as hard as the situation clearly demands instead of playing games!     
Positive mood music from Angela Merkel and Michel Barnier last week was undercut by a harsh turn in Eurocrat rhetoric this week, and a leaked briefing claimed May seemed ‘tormented’ at an emergency dinner with Juncker on the 16th October. The leak is likely to have come from Jean-Claude Juncker’s deputy, Martin Selmayr, a euro-fanatical self-proclaimed hard man, nicknamed ‘The Beast’. He denies it, but damaging the negotiations harms Barnier’s shot at being Juncker’s successor as Commission President – a role Selmayr covets for himself.  It’s a shame people’s livelihoods are being risked by the crazy internal politics of the Brussels snake pit.
Brussels is also being slow on repaying our £3.1 billion investment in the European Investment Bank, in which we have a 16% stake. This may now be worth upwards of £10 billion! The EIB Vice President, Alexander, has claimed the UK may not be fully repaid until 2054 – a ridiculous timeframe. Worse, he says if the EIB’s investments go badly, Britain could be on the hook for as much as £35 billion to bail it out. This is absurd. We want our stake back as soon as possible, and the EU can bear its own risks!
If Brexit talks are going slowly in Brussels, Brexit legislation in Westminster has almost stalled. The EU (Withdrawal) Bill - a vital piece of legislation to transfer EU laws to the UK statute book - is being delayed until after the November Recess as Tory rebels threaten to add to Remoaner wrecking amendments. As Government whips try to get the numbers to pass this vital Bill, businesses will suffer from needless uncertainty brought on by Remoaner hijinks. The Leader of the House, Andrea Leadsom, announced yesterday, however, the House of Commons will vote on the Bill in the week starting November 13th. The sooner it is passed, the better.
The Prime Minister seems to have conceded the principle of a vote on the final Brexit deal. This was the subject of a recent spat with David Davis, who said, during a meeting of the Brexit Select Committee, the vote may come after Britain has left the EU, as Brussels tends to take negotiations to the wire. In response to uproar from the usual suspects, Theresa May claimed there will definitely be a Parliamentary vote on the deal before Britain has left the EU. Patriots across the land must beware lest Remoaners try to bring down Brexit at the final hurdle!
Once again there is the possibility of a new Brexit legal challenge in the High Court, spearheaded by the self-publicist Gina Miller, who seems determined to try to put a spanner in Brexit, although her rhetoric is entirely different. Miller is now seeking to force a Parliamentary vote in the way she forced a vote on Article 50. The so-called People’s Challenge Group, a shadowy front for Gina Miller, George Soros, Richard Branson and other euro-fanatics, is behind the bid. Worryingly, supposedly senior legal figures believe the case could be successful, because it’s based on the same grounds as the original case. If the Government were to lose the court challenge this time, the final Brexit deal would have to undergo full parliamentary scrutiny, which significantly raises the chances of the legislation on a Brexit deal being at best held up, or at worst falling through.
Suppose EU arrogance leads to a choice between No Deal and a bad deal. A new Sky Data Poll shows the Government would have the support of 74% of the public in choosing No Deal over a Bad Deal. Thankfully our Government has begun preparing for No Deal. While leaks indicate the EU itself has started to secretly plan for a No Deal scenario, this seems to be a very recent development: so we are way ahead of them in preparing for No Deal. In its recent Customs White Paper, the Government set out vague plans for trade after No Deal, and recent briefings indicate the Government will be setting aside £ millions to build on those preparations in the Autumn Budget on November 22nd.
Said Budget will be crunch time for the Chancellor, Philip Hammond – Tory bigwigs, including Lord Lawson, have called for him to resign in the face of his Brexit pessimism. Should he manage a positive surprise, he may well stay despite his doubters. If he blunders like he did in his Spring Budget, however, the chances he will last into the new year are remote.
Good news has come from national Governments in recent days. Theresa May has pledged EU nationals in the UK will stay here after Brexit, with their rights retained. Her Spanish counterpart Mariano Rajoy has reciprocated, guaranteeing British expats will be able to stay there, and retain their rights, no matter what Brexit deal is reached. If only this spirit of generosity moved the rest of the EU!
Britain’s hand has been strengthened by prominent figures including Christopher Giancarlo, Chairman of the American Commodity Futures Trading Commission, warning any EU attacks on the City of London would harm the global economy. The EU should listen to his common-sense observations.
Recent elections have sent a chill down the spine of the Brussels machine.  Pro-borders nationalist Sebastian Kurz of the Austrian People’s Party won the Austrian elections, and he’s set to form a coalition with the Eurosceptic Freedom Party. It’s a prospect which already has Juncker quaking in his boots. Piling on the humiliation for Brussels, the Czech Republic elected Eurosceptic billionaire Andrej Babis. He is an entrepreneur, businessman and politician, who opposes EU integration and Brussels’ open door migrant policy. Eurosceptic Conservatives - and even a pro-‘Czexit’ party - also performed well.
On top of the international dramas, the EU has had to evacuate bureaucrats from their new £200 million ‘Europa’ office building - due to toxic fumes from the kitchens. Given the toxic institution it houses, this seems very apt!
On a light-hearted note, Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson praised British bravery in voting to Leave the EU on BBC Three, remarking: “What a good time to get out!” You can watch him here.
And now for what we have been doing recently:

The Daily Express quotes our Director, Jayne Adye, as we express our incredulity at the billions of Pounds the EU is demanding from the UK in pensions liabilities. The EU’s shameless attempt to extort as much money as possible from the UK after Brexit is scandalous! (EU Wants Britain to Carry on Contributing to Their Gilt-edged Pensions After Brexit)

In the run-up to the German election on Sunday 24th September we analysed what the possible results could mean for Brexit Britain in The Parliament Magazine (What might the German Election mean for Brexit?)

Our own Jack Tagholm-Child took part in a panel discussion about the global refugee crisis on TRT WORLD. He argued it cannot be solely up to the West to shoulder the entire burden of the refugee crisis, especially in the face of terrorist-related security concerns. (Roundtable: Refugee Crisis - Are Rich Nations Shirking Responsibility?)

On Comment Central we argue once we Get Britain Out of the EU, we need a visionary and optimistic Government. Philip Hammond is currently one of the Cabinet’s biggest drains on these two key traits. (Philip Hammond: Big on Critique, Small on Vision)

Chancellor Philip Hammond’s negligence in preparing for No Deal was skewered in an incisive and timely article we wrote for The Commentator, which highlighted the necessity of properly preparing for No Deal (UK Government must get serious about No Brexit deal)

On Reaction we talk about Philip Hammond’s constant negative attitude and policy prescriptions which are making a No Deal situation more likely. He needs to ‘get real’ and stop treating Brexit as a disaster to be mitigated. (Philip Hammond’s Pessimistic Attitude is Risking a Good Brexit Deal)

We took to Reaction in the wake of the European Council Summit, to point out there is still a long way to go in Brexit negotiations, although the positive change in attitude from the EU is welcome. (Some Positive Movement, But Still a Long Way to Go)

In response to the Eurocrats playing games Brexit negotiations, Jayne Adye has written for Reaction on why the EU needs to stop gambling with the livelihoods of millions of people on either side of the Channel. (https://reaction.life/eu-must-stop-playing-games-brexit/)

We decided to investigate just how much the Brexit boost to our fisheries could benefit the UK economy on CapX, and found it could add £3 billion, going largely to left-behind counties like Cornwall, Devon and Lincolnshire. (The economic benefits of taking back control of British waters)

That’s it for our e-Bulletin this time and thank you for all your support.



Best wishes and have a great weekend,

Jayne Adye, Campaign Director and the Team at Get Britain Out

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P.P.S. We really appreciate all your support. If you have any Brexit queries, please e-mail us at [email protected] and we will do our best to help. Everything you contribute to our campaign in donations goes towards our work to secure the Best Brexit for Great Britain – every £ counts!

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