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« on: November 01, 2017, 08:35:50 PM »
Posted By: Rodney Atkinson
on: October 31, 2017
In: News

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“To defend our Spanish brothers in a situation when an analoguous threat appears in Spain is our holy duty…. the new batallion is ready to go to Spain at the first call by the Spanish people……..Spain ueber alles !”
These Fascists are joined by the EU, EU Parliamentary leaders, Madrid, The EU Council President, the Leader of the “Liberals in the European Parliament and EU Commissioners in condemning Catalonia. By their friends you shall know them!
The fascist “ALL UKRAINE FEDERATION” of veterans (who have been fighting against Ukrainian Russians and Russian Speaking Ukrainians in Eastern Ukraine, causing thousands of deaths and ignoring the internationally brokered Minsk Agreements) has formed a volunteer battalion to fight for a unified Spain.
Veterans are creating a battalion of volunteers to fight for the ‘unity of Spain’. Needless to say these fascists did not fight for the “unity of Russia” when their openly Nazi gangs overthrew the elected Ukrainian Government in 2014!
These brazen fascists in (EU, US and UK supported) Ukraine are more open in their historical recall of the suppression of the Catalans by Franco’s Fascist Regime and – just as Ukrainians celebrate the German Wehrmacht today – so they celebrate the power of Spanish Fascism of the 1930s.
Catalonia has a population of 7.5m. 13 out of 28 member states of the European Union have smaller populations. Theresa May has said she “will not recognise Catalonian independence”. And yet in 2008 the UK recognised the independence of Kosovo from which hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews and gypsies had been driven by a violent independence movement which was even found to have sold the body parts of those minorities they attacked.
Today Catalonia has held a referendum, peacefully tried to resist the violent closure of polling stations and the beating of voters, achieved a 90% affirmation, passed a law by overwhelming majority and has NOT pursued the ethnic cleansing of its opponents!! And the yet the UK rules out any recognition of Catalonian independence Ironically this is reminiscent of the aftermath of the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht when, in a position to dictate terms to Spain we got Gibraltar and gave comfort to Catalans but then abandoned them to the tender mercies of Philip of Spain!
That the EU should “leave matters to Madrid” is not surprising (reflecting the anti fascist history of Catalonia since the 1930s and the pro fascist history of Kosovo in the 1940s – the SS Division Skenderbeg). But that the UK should follow suit so categorically is hypocritical and dangerous.
Frans Timmermans the EU commissioner found the closing of polling stations, violence against voters and rubber bullets “a proportionate use of force” to stop Catalonians voting in a “democratic Europe”
Donald Tusk, EU council president, said that there was “formally speaking no space for the EU interventions here”. Antonio Tajani, president of the European Parliament, was equally categorical: “No-one in Europe will recognise an independent Catalonia”. Not quite what they said when the EU was breaking up Yugoslavia recognising Croatia and Kosovo – nor when Germany financed and organised a putsch to remove the Government of Ukraine!
The then German Foreign Minister went to Kiev and shook the hand of a leading extreme nationalist. Today the Catalan leader has had to flee to Belgium!
In Madrid the Government , having sent warships to the Catalonian coast (!) and police to suppress the Catalan referendum, were cheered on the streets by Spanish nationalists giving fascist salutes!
This Freenations website promotes Nationism – that is the nation state consisting of those with sufficient geographic, cultural, linguistic, racial, religious and historical homogeneity to form and accept the consequences of democratic choices.
It is perfectly possible for peoples of different nations to form a “mother” nation state – as the Scots, English and Welsh accept Britishness and Britain. Whether the Basques, Catalans and Andalusians can accept a unified Spanish nation state is a matter of compromise and cooperation. The Catalans are not ethnically Spanish and they speak a different language and have centuries of autonomy. They could still be persuaded to stay part of Spain – but the use of violence, warships, police beatings – and threats from the European Union – are not I suggest the best way of going about it.
Whatever happens in Spain, the Catalonian incident has betrayed the rather nasty fascist elements which are still active – and still willingly accepted by the European Union. For those who have read the books Europe’s Full Circle, Fascist Europe Rising and And into the Fire (see Amazon) this will not come as a surprise.

SOURCE Rodney Atkinson FreeNations

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