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« on: November 16, 2017, 06:56:01 PM »
Posted By: Rodney Atkinson
on: November 16, 2017
In: News

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Theresa May’s Government has backed the imperialist attacks on Eastern Europe, the Ukraine and countries in the Middle East (with disastrous results for Christianity and mass migrations). She has attacked Christian teaching on divorce, abortion, homosexuality and marriage, and supported the movement of troops and weapons towards the Russian border. She has approval ratings of minus 34. Putin is supported by 80% of Russians and is the world’s most popular leader. May would certainly lose a fair election against Vladimir Putin.
For Putin is a devout Christian, a democratic capitalist (as opposed to May’s corporatist fascist form) an opponent of German/EU expansion Eastwards, a protector of his nation state, an anti-communist, a promoter of entrepreneurship, the protector of his people’s savings (they get 5% REAL interest while May’s voters have their savings taken from them by negative interest rates) and the rescuer of Christians in the Middle East as the Russians have driven out IS in Syria.
Mrs May permits Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender propaganda in schools (including primary schools!) while Putin rightly restricts such propaganda generally and does not expose schoolchildren and certainly not 5 years olds to such “education”.
Mrs May’s Government continues to destroy home ownership, capital, capitalism, entrepreneurship, small businesses and the poorest regions of Britain with taxes unrelated to income. Vladimir Putin is doing the opposite in Russia, promoting low taxes (13% income tax), entrepreneurship, record levels of home ownership and small businesses.
Mrs May through the EU and NATO supports the overthrow of a democratically elected Government in Ukraine, the $5bn financing of a revolution pursued by openly Nazi gangs, supports fascist troops in the shelling of towns in the Donbass where thousands of civilians have been killed and even sends British troops to train Ukraine forces who seek to wipe out Ukrainian Russians and Russian speaking Ukrainians.
Putin rightly defends Russians in Eastern Ukraine and seeks an end to violence through the (western agreed) Minsk Accords – not to “annex” eastern Ukraine but purely to advocate regional autonomy for Russians and Russian speaking Ukrainians – a model rather less radical than the Scottish National Party’s plans for Scotland where Mrs May is apparently NOT training troops to fight the supporters of Nicola Sturgeon!!
Mrs May condemns what she calls the “annexation” of Crimea which has been Russian territory for 230 years and whose inhabitants voted by some 90% to remain Russian. Mrs May did not complain about the annexation of Croatia with the help of Germany or the annexation of Kosovo or the illegal attack on and break up of Yugoslavia.
We talk hypocritically of national “self determination” but when Russia, after the fall of the Soviet Union, freed the nation states of Eastern Europe to have their own democratic constitutions for “self determination”, it was NATO/EU which then moved in, imposing the European Union takeover of their briefly free democratic sovereignties and moving NATO bases to provoke Russia.
May also accused Russia of the tired old “interference” in western elections when both the US and German Security Services have concluded this is nonsense. Of course Russia has its broadcasters and opinion formers (like the BBC world service and US international broadcasters who have been exposed as purveyors of false news and censorship) but to suggest that western voters were swayed by them is an insult to democrats in the West. The hypocrisy of saying that the Russian media are “state run” is extraordinary given the State financed and controlled BBC and the “Liberal Left” compliant US media outlets.
The world’s biggest “interferers” in other countries’ elections are the USA and George Soros. Soros has committed $18bn to his continuing interventions around the world in pursuit of the corporatist socialist overthrow of nation states and their democracies. “Colour revolutions”, “black lives matter” (but not white) “antifa”, the European Union, street violence against President Trump,  – all get the corporatist fascist support of Soros and his largely US financiers.
Mrs May had the nerve to say that “It is Russia’s actions which threaten the international order on which we all depend.”
But it is the movement of NATO forces towards Russia, the destruction of Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, the EU takeover of eastern Europe and the western interventions in Syria and Libya which have caused the chaos, mass migrations and threats of war which are “destabilising the international order”.
The stupid sanctions on Russia have if anything strengthened their economy – and crippled many agricultural and industrial companies in Europe. They and the NATO attack on Ukraine have driven Russia towards China and India and the BRIC countries in general, forming a substantial block against western interests when they could have been our wholehearted supporters.
By failing to grasp the geopolitical boomerang which attacks on Russia have caused Mrs May shows she has still not understood the European Union as the embodiment of European fascism and German imperialism, against which Russia was (and still could be) our best political, Christian and economic ally.
In a straight open and well balanced election campaign Theresa May would lose Downing Street to Vladimir Putin.

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