A message of hope

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A message of hope
« on: December 06, 2017, 02:12:47 PM »
HE BRITISH VOICE welcomes you to our Christmas Party in St Helens,
on Thursday 14th of December at 7:30 pm

Since our Brexit victory there has been a very positive change in people’s attitude toward our impending freedom.
It brought a message of hope for Britain, other European countries and the USA.
Those who joined us on the Brexit campaign – to free the British people from EU tyranny – will remember the fantastic response we got from the REAL British people at our many table-top and leafleting sessions. Make no mistake about the main reason that most people voted to LEAVE THE EUROPEAN UNION, as it was the number one thing on virtually everyone’s lips – IMMIGRATION!
For the first time EVER, we were actually allowed to cast our vote to express our views on immigration – for many years, we have not even been allowed to discuss immigration, without being called an ugly name – but suddenly people were brave enough to speak out loudly and openly about the dreadful mess our country is in and that NHS, schools and social services cannot cope. Lots of people actually said:
“I don’t care WHAT names they call me...
I will NOT keep quiet while my country and my people are dying!”
When we at THE BRITISH VOICE began working with the Brexit campaign, we quickly discovered that the leaflets we were being given were politically correct and did not tell the truth about the true level of immigration – even then in that 11th hour they were still holding back the truth – also Prime Minister Cameron had spent NINE MILLION POUNDS OF TAXPAYER’S MONEY on a ‘Remain’ leaflet which was filled with lies (Cameron should be prosecuted for Treason). So we decided to create many thousands of our own flyers, to ensure that the truth was delivered to the British people. Here is the information that we put out....

It was a good job we put that leaflet out, because the true immigration figures are much worse than the politicians have been telling us. And, after the Brexit referendum, and for the first time ever, the government actually admitted to the true immigration figures, which are shown below, after our leaflet...
Some ‘Remoaners’ claimed that we were telling lies about the true level of immigration. But, for the first time ever, the government finally admitted that the immigration figures quoted on THE BRITISH VOICE Brexit leaflet were accurate!!!
The truth is that, since 1997, Britain has taken in an average of over 600,000 immigrant-invaders EVERY YEAR – and those are only the minimum numbers, excluding those that sneak in – as the total figures are likely to be higher still!

Official immigration figures released by the Office of National Statistics

We nationalists have campaigned for years to break free of the European Union and we WILL break free!
We nationalists have campaigned for years to break free of the European Union, as that Bolsjewik organisation is evil incarnate and its main goal is the genocide of the Caucasoid peoples (people of European descent). Their controllers, who are based in the City of London, New York, Israel and Saudi Arabia, have ordered them to destroy the Gentiles and in particular the Caucasoid people of Europe. Their trick is to rename everything, so that day is night; black is white and wrong is right, in the manner of George Orwell's novel ‘1984’ - "War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength;" etc.
Our Constitutional Law is based upon our Christian beliefs, and before anyone whinges that I must be – anti-Israel/anti-Hebrew, anti-Saudi Arabia/anti-Muslim, or any of their usual nonsense – I would ask those accusers to read some extracts of the so-called ‘holy books’ those people follow, as their guide for life, and specifically read what they say about us Christians/Gentiles/Kuffar and our Christian God. If you read the Quran (Islam) or the Talmud (Hebrew) you will find all manner of anti-Christian hate filled vile and murderous comments. You will also read of appalling acts against children, that both of their ‘holy books’ say their people are allowed to do!
If you think I am lying, I encourage you to find out for yourself. Go on-line or to a book shop and buy a copy of each of those books and see for yourself. While those books speak of violence, child molestation and murder, our Christian ‘New Testament’ of the Holy Bible speaks of love, goodwill and peace, with justice. Whether or not we British choose to attend churches, or pray privately, is our prerogative and is nobody’s business but our own. Due to consistent attacks on the Christian Church, from both within and without the Church, many people have been left in doubt about our country’s religion, but, there is no doubt that the system of justice that we have followed for thousands of years is based upon our Christian values and our ancient system of Common Law.
The British, and indeed European, habit of being polite, good mannered and kind to all people, and animals, stems from our Christian values and our Common Law and we must cling onto those values, no matter how much pressure we receive from our oppressors; or however much they try to take advantage of our good nature. Although the RSPCA turns a blind eye to the horrific pain and suffering caused to millions of animals, simply to provide food in a Halal/Kosher manner, we Christians believe that it is inhumane to slaughter animals in an agonising and barbaric manner, and yet those other ideologies claim that it’s acceptable. Unfortunately, their puppet-politicians in the House of Traitors & Frauds do exactly as their controllers tell them, instead of carrying out the wishes of the indigenous British people. But, our wonderful Brexit victory has given the British people the renewed belief that the power to change our country rests in the hands of the Caucasoid British people. We must ensure that politicians do as they are told.
Keep in mind that we are governed by consent and NOT through tyranny
Every British subject has the right to exercise their free will to withdraw their consent if they believe that those in positions of power are conducting themselves and their offices in an unlawful manner. This is the essence of ‘MAGNA CARTA 1215’ and the ‘BILL OF RIGHTS 1689’. We also have a Constitutional Monarchy; the people are represented by our current Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, and she has taken her Coronation Oath to represent the views of British subjects. The Parliamentary servants then carry out the wishes of the people. Contrary to what the press and many politicians tell you; Parliament is NOT above our Monarch or our People; in fact, Parliament is subservient to both, as are all Public Servants. Under Article 61 of Magna Carta, it is the duty of every patriotic subject to expose corruption at every level, and we will continue to do so, regardless of whether or not those in Parliament (or in uniform) want us to. If those public servants do not carry out the wishes of the people, they will be replaced with patriotic public servants.
In the USA, Donald Trump has beaten the war-mongering evil horde and many European countries are condemning immigration!
Ordinarily, we British don’t concern ourselves with political matters in other countries, but the political landscape is changing and the people of the West are sick to death of the outrageous pressures that have been wrought upon us by our oppressive governments. They are quite purposely filling every Western country with Negroid and Mongoloid immigrant-invaders and those interlopers are being used against us as – Weapons of Mass Destruction – in order to out-breed us and destroy the Caucasoid peoples.  Also, those same evil puppet-politicians would like to see us fighting those immigrants and killing each other off. But, that is not going to happen, because by using the above measures, we will simply force them to go back home, or to some other country, where their behaviour and ideology is acceptable.
Donald Trump is behaving like a white knight in shining armour; he is speaking the thoughts of hundreds of millions of oppressed Caucasoid Christians, and his words have inspired millions to believe that we CAN and we WILL take back control of our countries! The indigenous Caucasoid European peoples are now speaking out against the oppressive system that attempts to stop us exposing the truth, and many European leaders are now taking the actions that are being demanded by the indigenous people. The controlled media has played this down, but millions of people are now taking to the streets to demand that immigration is stopped and also reversed.
If we don’t trade with the immigrant-invaders they will go elsewhere!
The Caucasoid peoples need to understand that we have the power to control our countries through our purchases and also by using the ancient method of excommunication, which involves social rejection, exclusion, banishment and exile of undesirables. Our COUNTRY is also our HOME and the two must be treated in the same way, and both are our inheritance, which we must control, in favour of our extended Caucasoid family. We will not be manipulated to carry out the evil wishes of the Controllers and we don’t need to physically “fight” anyone, although we are prepared to, if necessary. If we don’t trade with those immigrant-invaders, they will go and live elsewhere. So we must plan where and how we will spend our money and we must ensure that we only spend it with Caucasoid companies that employ Caucasoid peoples. These are very powerful but peaceful methods of taking back control of all our countries, and there are further lawful measures we can include, such as organising OUR people against punitive and unnecessary taxation; which is a very powerful Weapon of Mass Defence!
The truth will set us free!
British politicians are becoming increasingly more tyrannical and despotic, and they have empowered immigrant-invaders to maraud around Britain doing virtually anything they like, with impunity. Meanwhile, many Caucasoid indigenous whistle-blowers are being imprisoned for simply exposing the truth of subjects the Controllers don’t want us to mention. The treasonous and despotic politicians seem to believe they are omnipotent and can do whatever they want, but they are wrong. They think they will get away with their tyrannical actions, of lies, deceit and wrongful imprisonment of whistle-blowers, but they are wrong. They think that the more they attack us, that quieter we will become – but they are wrong. In fact, the more they attack us, the more determined we become and we will NEVER stop fighting for our freedom and we will never surrender our country, our lives or our families!
Meanwhile, we must maintain our Western Christian spirit and enjoy our Christmas festivities!
2018 will be an amazing year and we WILL get our Caucasoid countries back from the traitorous politicians who have given our inheritance away, for their “Thirty Pieces of Silver”.
Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

P.O. BOX 3664, Stoke-on-Trent, ST3 9FA          Tel: 07598 744665 / 07795 848874
www.thebritishvoice.org.uk                    [email protected]

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