'British law should RULE' EU citizen DERIDES Brussels' behaviour to Nigel Farage

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Jurgen, who is originally from Sweden, told Nigel Farage that British law “should rule" and that he could not believe how the EU was treating Britain.
Speaking on Mr Farage’s LBC show, Jurgen said: “I’ve been living in the UK since 1998, I can’t believe how they are treating Britain really to be honest.
“I have lived under British law and I wish to live under British law.”
Mr Farage asked if Jurgen was happy living under British law.

Brexit news: Nigel Farage invited EU citizens on his show to discuss British laws
British law should rule really
The EU citizen replied: “Absolutely, why wouldn’t you? I came here to live and work and I’ve worked every single day, I pay my taxes.”
Mr Farage said: “Well Jurgen you are now in a very different position, of course, to me.
“Because you now, not only have the protection of British law, you also have the protection of EU law.
“And the European Court of Justice will be able to rule in your favour against a high court judgement, even a supreme court judgement, in this country so, in a sense, we’ve kind of given too much really haven't we as a UK Government.”
May reassures Leave voters about Brexit deal
Jurgen said he did not think this was right.
He said: “Absolutely, I don’t understand why any citizen would be treated differently to a British citizen.
“British law should rule really.”
Theresa May issued a direct plea to EU citizens living in the UK, writing in an open letter, “I want you to stay”.
Part of the agreement means EU citizens living in the UK will have their rights enshrined in UK law and enforced by British courts.
But, the European Court of Justice will have jurisdiction over EU citizens' rights for eight years after withdrawal.

Labour Brxiteer LASHES Remainer colleague: 'We AREN'T staying in the single market'

MEPs stunned as British MEP urges Hungary to BREAK FREE from EU 'tyranny'

'We won't be doing that' David Davis mocks Clegg's EU dream amid fresh bid to block Brexit

'Anti-Secession Laws?'.. how long before the EU adopts such laws to stop the peoples of Europe eroding its tax revenues and thereby its ability to maintain their chauffeur driven limousines and gold plated pension pots?
'EVERYTHING is off the table!' German MEP warns Brexit trade talks could be DITCHED

Now wouldn't that be great - finally we could walk away, go to WTO and recover our national pride instead of being humiliated by the gutless, spineless efforts of a prime minister who couldn't negotiate her way out of a paper bag?
'Give us Canada's free trade deal' Hannan calls for EU agreement for Brexit success

I will tell you what the EU or rather Brussels wants from us - EVERYTHING. I would rather see them get NOTHING.

They will keep demanding, Walk away from talks leave NOW
Take that Remainers! Francois Hollande says Brexit is IRREVERSIBLE

Good! Best news I've heard today.
May-mania! PM doubles lead over Jeremy Corbyn in polls as best choice to lead Britain

Utter nonsense. Her popularity may have risen slightly in the eyes of the remoaners and the wider left, for giving them what they want. But this will be short lived as they will still demonise her for being a Tory PM.In the eyes of all who voted leave however, her popularity has plummeted beyond repair. As she has completely sold out the UK and betrayed everything the British voted for in the Referendum.
'Brexit SHOULD be marked with a stamp- it's a HISTORIC moment' Politician's FIERY call

Let's commemorate leaving the EU with an Independence Day; a bank holiday. Our independence has to be cemented into the psyche of the people to prevent us from ever making such a stupid decision as joining a Super State ever again.
End of EU? Merkel and Macron in bitter stand-off as France backs ‘United States of Europe’

I hear that Martin Schulz said last week that there should be a United States of (a bit of ) Europe by 2025. Any states that disagree should leave.Does this mean that he's virtually given the OK for states to leave? If so, line up Greece, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Spain and most of the Eastern European member states.
ET INVASION? God says evil aliens in UFOs will soon invade Earth, warns 'prophet'

I love that about the New Message from God. God is God of all the universe, not obsessed with any one world or species. God set the forces of nature in motion, and God affects the universe through the power of Knowledge within individuals across the universe.
EU will give May ultimatum of Norway or Canada-style Brexit - THIS is what UK will choose

Sorry but, we voted to cut all ties... NO DEALS
Polish reject ‘EU OCCUPATION’: Voices rise for Polexit as Brussels ‘REGRESSING’ nation

The Poles are OK. They were occupied by the Commies for long enough, they don't want to do that again.
MP's message to Putin: ‘You take your fleet and you f**k off out of it!’

It's time for the UK and USA to ditch NATO, the EU want an army and that is an agressive position to take, so pull out now and let the EU get on with it. We have lost enough lives fighting and defending this bunch of lunatics.Get out now and stop defending an organisation which is bound to start a war, the third in 100 years.
Theresa May set for DEFEAT as Tory rebels look set to DEMAND vote on final deal

ThrowMayHammond ,Hunt, and Gove out! All treacherous traitors

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