A good day for democracy! How stupid do they think we are?

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A good day for democracy! How stupid do they think we are?
« on: December 21, 2017, 08:17:24 PM »
A good day for democracy! How stupid do they think we are? RICHARD LITTLEJOHN says if they could kill Brexit, these so-called Tories would be happy to live in Corbyn’s Britain
By Richard Littlejohn for the Daily Mail
Published: 02:02, 15 December 2017 | Updated: 07:34, 15 December 2017

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Just stop it, will you? Stop insulting our intelligence. Stop telling lies. Stop pretending you ‘respect the result of the referendum’.
No, you don’t.
Admit that you will do anything, absolutely anything, to prevent Britain leaving the EU. You don’t respect the result, or the 17.4 million who voted Leave.
The most nauseating justification for the decision of 11 Tory MPs to vote against the Brexit Bill was that they were upholding democracy by ensuring that Parliament has the last word.
They’ve got the bare-faced nerve to claim that this is what the Brexit vote was all about — taking back control.
We’re asked to believe that they are acting in the true, romantic spirit of political dissent, dating back to Magna Carta and the Peasants’ Revolt. But we’re not talking Wat Tyler here.


This is hardly a popular uprising against an overweening executive. What we’re dealing with is a posturing rabble led by Ken Clarke and Dominic Grieve, a pair of complete and utter lawyers who wear their imagined intellectual superiority with aristocratic disdain.
Some of their more absurd apologists have even suggested their contemptible behaviour this week was no different to the 22 Tory MPs who rebelled over the Maastricht Treaty in the early Nineties.
Which only goes to demonstrate some Remoaners’ wilful ignorance of fairly recent parliamentary history, or the lengths to which they are prepared to go to twist the truth for their own ends.

It is not Alan Partridge who's the EU dinosaur: RICHARD...

If the Deputy PM isn't safe, what chance have we got? Damian...
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The Maastricht rebels — labelled ‘bastards’ by then Prime Minister John Major — were fighting against their own government’s shameful refusal to grant the British people a referendum on yet another huge transfer of power to Brussels. It was a rebellion in support of democracy.
What we were subjected to on Wednesday night was a rebellion against democracy, a blatant attempt to obstruct and eventually overturn the biggest single vote in favour of anything in British history.


That’s because they sense that they can use the Prime Minister’s discomfort and weakness over Brexit to bring down the Government and force an election that would sweep Jeremy Corbyn into No 10
Sorry, but ‘bastards’ doesn’t even begin to describe this despicable bunch of smug, self-absorbed saboteurs.
All you need to know is that among the first to welcome their successful defeat of the Government was one Guy Verhofstadt, a drab Belgian with a ludicrous Mellorphant Man hairstyle, unconvincingly dyed some kind of chestnut colour.
Because he’s worth it.
Verhofstadt is the chief Brexit negotiator for the European Parliament. Immediately after the vote, he tweeted: ‘British Parliament takes back control. A good day for democracy.’
As the columnist John Junor, late of this parish, used to say: Pass the sick bag, Alice.
When 17.4 million people ticked the box marked Leave last year, we voted to take back control from the EU. On Wednesday night, thanks to the 11 embittered Tory Remoaners, Parliament voted instead to take back control from the British people.
They have stolen the referendum result from under our noses. It’s the most audacious heist since Ocean’s Eleven.
We voted Leave to restore the supremacy of Westminster after we have freed ourselves from the shackles of Brussels. We didn’t vote to give MPs the right to scupper the result of the referendum — either by halting Brexit in its tracks, or by agreeing such an appalling deal that we remain members in everything but name.
The idea that some bouffanted Brussels bureaucrat thinks it was a ‘good day for democracy’ is beyond satire. The EU — controlled by an unelected and unaccountable commission — is the very antithesis of democracy.
Similarly, for Remoaners now to pose as doughty defenders of parliamentary sovereignty is such an inversion of reality, they should be prosecuted under the Trade Descriptions Act.
Ever since we joined the old Common Market 45 years ago, MPs have been perfectly happy to rubber-stamp laws generated in Brussels, without any debate in the House of Commons.
It’ll take years to unravel the thousands upon thousands of regulations imposed on us by the EU, which is why the Government proposed incorporating them wholesale into British law after Brexit, then weeding them out gradually by executive order.
But the Remoaners aren’t having any of that, screaming about the terrifying prospect of archaic ‘Henry VIII’ powers being used to override Parliament.
Their hypocrisy is unbelievable. They had no objection to such laws being introduced using statutory instruments, but suddenly repealing them in the same fashion is an outrage.
Although they are presently pretending that they are standing up for the supremacy of the Commons, given the choice, they would cheerfully surrender more power to the likes of Verhofstadt and that absurd oaf Jean-Claude Drunker.
They don’t want Parliament to be sovereign, they want Britain to continue as a serf state, a mere province of a federal Europe.
They have a curious definition of what qualifies as a ‘democratic’ majority, too. According to diehard Remoaners, a 52 per cent to 48 per cent result was an insufficient mandate to legitimise leaving the EU. The margin of victory in the referendum was over a million votes. On Wednesday, the Government was defeated by 309 votes to 305 — a majority of four.
If you want to play percentages, 309 translates into a mere 50.3 per cent, little more than the width of a cigarette paper over the line.
But we are told by jubilant Remoaners that this was a convincing and significant result, more than enough to justify derailing our smooth exit from the EU.
Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission (left), Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council (centre) Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel during family photo of EU head of states summit on defense, migration and Brexit in Brussels, Belgium
May 'disappointed' by Commons defeat but 'on course to deliver Brexit'

Of course, the behaviour of the Labour Party has been equally disgraceful. On Wednesday night, Labour MPs punched the air and started singing the Red Flag to celebrate Theresa May’s humiliation. These are the same MPs elected on a manifesto promising to uphold the result of the referendum — a result which most Labour supporters, particularly in Northern constituencies, voted for in droves.
That’s because they sense that they can use the Prime Minister’s discomfort and weakness over Brexit to bring down the Government and force an election that would sweep Jeremy Corbyn into No 10.
They may well be right. Another couple of Tory rebellions and a vote of confidence can’t be far behind. The Prime Minister may simply decide the game isn’t worth the candle and throw in the towel.
Admittedly, Mother Theresa brought this on herself — and the 17.4 million Brexit supporters — by dithering over activating Article 50 and then calling a wholly unnecessary General Election, which cost the Tories their majority. But to her credit, she’s since tried to make the best of a bad job. Unlike Call Me Dave, she didn’t run away.
Those of us who want a tungsten-tipped Brexit must accept reluctantly that compromises will have to be swallowed if we are going to get out of the EU on time with some semblance of our national dignity intact.
Even though it was far from perfect, Mrs May at least managed to cobble together a deal last week that would take us forward.
It looked as if she’d got away with it, too. The Conservatives had even tiptoed ahead in the opinion polls. But that has now been torpedoed by the Tories’ very own suicide squad.
The arrogant EU negotiators are now more buoyant, knowing they can rely on their very own Fifth Column at Westminster. Even the pipsqueak Irish PM thinks he can throw his weight about.
I fear this is just your starter for ten. There are hundreds more such amendments to the Brexit Bill, which will afford even more opportunity to inflict debilitating defeats not just on Theresa May but on the vast majority who voted to regain Britain’s independence.
As the Mail warned yesterday, the Tory rebels risk ushering in a Labour government led by an unreconstructed Seventies’ revolutionary socialist, who would bankrupt the country in about five minutes.
Do they care? My guess is that if it meant they could kill Brexit stone dead, these so-called Conservatives would be perfectly happy to live in a Corbyn-run Britain still wedded to their beloved EU.
They still don’t understand the real rebellion was 18 months ago, when 17.4 million people voted against strutting politicians of every stripe, domestic and European, who think they know best.
But then, that’s the political class all over. They may pay lip-service to ‘democracy’ but really, it’s all about them. I just wish they’d stop pretending otherwise, stop pretending they respect the result of the referendum, while doing everything they can to overturn it.
For once, just once, stop treating us like idiots and stop telling lies.

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