Letter to Cressida Dick from Albert Burgess re rape gangs

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Letter to Cressida Dick from Albert Burgess re rape gangs
« on: January 02, 2018, 05:42:04 PM »
Cressida Dick Albert Burgess
Commissioner of the Metropolis
New Scotland Yard
Victoria Embankment
SW1A 2JL 01-01-2018.
Ref rape gangs
The one thing we require from our police officers is that we be told the plain truth in any way shape or form. We are English adult human beings we can handle the truth no matter how distasteful that truth happens to be.
I witnessed you being questioned by what I believe was a Parliamentary committee of some kind, you were asked about Muslim rape gangs operating in the Metropolitan police area. Your reply that we have in England had rape gangs for hundreds of years surprised me. I have hundreds of old English history and law books going back to 1235 and yet have found not one reference to any rape gangs operating in this ancient Kingdom over the last 783 years.
Now as it is inconceivable that the Kingdoms top police officer would attempt to muddy the waters to water down the rape and prostitution of our school children by Muslim rape gangs, operating on an industrial scale. Whilst our once much vaunted police force emulate the three wise monkeys and bury their collective heads in the sand rather than risk being called racist, by doing the job we pay them for which is to protect our school girls no matter the personnel cost to the officer.
Now as you said we have had rape gangs in England for hundreds of years and as neither my books nor a Google search can find any reference to them perhaps you can consider this a freedom of information request and send me a full list of rape gangs operating in England over the last 800 years, failure to do this will be indicative of your lying to the committee and the English people. For which I require your resignation.
Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess

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