Thank you Prime Minister for a year and a half of prevarication

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Thank you Prime Minister for a year and a half of prevarication
« on: January 02, 2018, 07:47:24 PM »
This letter sent in to UKIP Daily by  Peter McHugh, Branch sec Bromsgrove,  which, I’m sure, we would all sign:
 It says 'Thank-You' to the 'government' for their efforts over the past 18 months! (That's over 540 days at £61 million per day - you do the maths, it was YOUR money!!).        This expresses the view of a great many millions of voters, fed up with Westminster's patently misled games with the EU.   Just get on with the job, best a swift clean cut.   
As we citizens of the UK,  under our sovereign Elizabeth II prepare to offend all non Christians by celebrating our Saviour’s birth, is it also time to give thanks and credit to those whom Her Majesty has called to Her parliaments, now and over the decades of Her reign ?
This is maybe,  a particularly appropriate time to say thank you to Westminster for its sterling, post Referendum, efforts.
We all join in saying: Thank you Prime Minister for a year and a half of prevarication before flying to Brussels to capitulate in person to a band of unelected EU officials and for totally ignoring the electorate’s clear instruction to leave the EU.
You were given no instruction to implement Article 50 – nor pay a severance fee, you were simply told to withdraw us from the EU.
Thank you for continuing to send our £ 61 million pounds/day subscription to Brussels,  whilst cutting funding for all essential services here at home.
Thank you for totally ignoring the electorate’s concerns over uncontrolled immigration and heightening them by publishing false figures and reporting that numbers are falling, causing our unease to harden into resentment.
Thank you for houses on our Green Belt and fields, to accommodate those displaced from our major conurbations by newcomers whose right of residence is never satisfactorily established, before they avail themselves of our services and benefits .
Thank you for providing free NHS medical care to these people at the expense of the British taxpayer. 
Thank you for reducing our armed forces to impotence and contemplating scrapping the Royal Marines,  and for leaving the Royal Navy with no capability of policing cross channel traffic!
Thank you for having so many members in the Lords and Commons, intent on sexual harassment (36 named from the government benches alone)
Thank you for destroying this  Sceptred Isle
Thank you for destroying the happier land of my youth.       
Thank you for giving away that which our soldier boys fought for in two World Wars .

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