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« on: January 08, 2018, 08:33:32 PM »
Posted By: Rodney Atkinson
on: January 05, 2018
In: News

 In Greece a 32 year old Father of two small children committed suicide at Lechena. On 12th December in Zakynthos a well known 59-year-old entrepreneur was found hanged in a building by a resident in the area. On 7th December a young man of 30 threw himself from a bridge south of the city of Rethymno on Crete. Like so many suicides he was a businessman in despair. It was the second such death recently on local bridges. These were EU citizens. Germany controls the EU. German economics created the Greek tragedy and profits from Greek youth fleeing to jobs in Germany. German imperial politics prevents a cure.
In a letter to Santa Claus (released by the NGO “Bright Star”) 8 year old Alexis from Patras wrote: “I want you to bring me a lot of food this year to help Mommy who does not have a job and if you want to bring me a toy for my sick brother so he does not cry.”
I make no apologies for this Greek litany of self imposed death to which ordinary people have resorted to escape the EU’s destruction of their country.
Unemployment in Greece stands at 22% (5 times the level in the UK). Youth unemployment (even after the exodus of hundreds of thousands of young Greeks to Northern Europe) stands at an obscene 55%. In Spain and Italy I suppose they should be happy that youth unemployment is only 40%! (about 3 times the level in the UK)
Greece is, according to the EU, experiencing a great “recovery” with actual GDP growth – but only after years of collapse which saw GDP shrink by 25% in a few years. And where are the new jobs coming from? – part time jobs averaging 400 Euros a month (about £4,300 a year)
At the heart of the new Europe, Germany, unemployment is less than 5% but these destitute Greeks, Spaniards and Italians are in effect German citizens. German citizens in Germany of course don’t give a damn and certainly no German politician loses much sleep over such human misery in their new “country called Europe”.
On the island of Rhodes a 76 year old woman climbed onto the roof of a three-story block of flats in Sofouli Street and fell to her death while in Athens a 16 year old threw himself from a bridge on Attica Road. Suicide in Greece is no respecter of age. The old lady had seen the ravages of war, the Nazi occupation of Greece, civil war and post war poverty but the evils of the European economy she could not survive – that national destitution in which a 16 year old could also see no future.
A 40 year old man was taken to hospital after he was found hanging from his balcony in Alexandria.
In Nea Smyrna a 57 year old unemployed man and father of two small children, climbed to the top floor of a high rise apartment block on Aegean Street and plunged to his death.
A 73 year old Greek was taken to hospital after he tried to shoot himself at his cottage in Potoki where he lived in a shack next to a rubbish dump. He had been forced into retirement from his job.
In a park on Agia Fontini passers by were horrified to see a man hang himself from a tree. The police were called and they took down the body.
Greece’s main creditor is the EU which piled on Greek debt to repay German and French banks’ loans and rescue not Greece but the Euro! The other major creditor the IMF (manipulated by its Head the corrupt Frenchwoman Christine Lagarde into rescuing the Euro) at least had the moral sense to recognise that Greece needed debt forgiveness and a new start. But the EU and Germany refused and instead piled more taxes on the Greeks to pay off their impossible debts.
The almost classic situation of the suicidal is the belief that there is no way out, no alternative. No matter what they do misery and powerlessness will result. So it is in the Greek economy. Taxes are levied which are UNRELATED to income. Property taxes, electricity taxes, VAT all viciously high and unavoidable – except by death! For the only power that matters is the corporatist fascist State (beloved of left and right) and its right to income at all times. And the people must pay the bill.
In Greece a special tax was applied to all households connected to the electricity supply! Just to buy the basic necessities the VAT level is 24%.  The British Daily Telegraph reported a hotel owner on Rhodes was paying 70% tax on his income when he takes social payments into account. A greek wrote to an American friend of this website:
“Believe me it is very hard to get through the day here, but we struggle and pray; otherwise, we will have heavy psychological problems and will have to pay doctors a lot of money. Needless to say the medical system of this country has collapsed and if you don’t have money you are LOST; ONE HAS TO GO TO THE PRIVATE SECTOR ONLY,  because the public one is full of germs due to the refugees etc.”
In Greece the number of deaths is now greater than the number of births. Greece is being killed off because its youth are not reproducing – they have been driven by mad Euro economics to the source of that mad economics – Germany.
The number of Greek suicides since the start of the Greek Euro tragedy is now some 15,000. During the German Italian conquest of Greece in 1940-41 Greek casualties were 13,000!
In Antirrio a 13 year old girl attempted suicide by consuming a quantity of pills and in Heraklion a man jumped into a gap just below the Archeological Museum from a height of 15 feet. He had been stopped by the police because a court judgement ordering the payment of his debts had been issued against him.
A 22 year old man was found in Thessalonica hanging from a pedestrian bridge.
It comes as no surprise that a country which has committed suicide by joining the Euro and making itself a vassal state of German Europe should see thousands of its citizens commit suicide.
That will also surely be the fate of the Euro-imperial power itself – for bringing such death and misery to so many for so long.

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