You say goodbye and I say hello, Juncker tells UK

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You say goodbye and I say hello, Juncker tells UK
« on: January 17, 2018, 08:15:39 PM »
You say goodbye and I say hello, Juncker tells UK
By Georgi Gotev
Who knew? Juncker said today that once the British have left under Article 50, there is still Article 49, which allows a return to membership, and that he would like that to happen.
“I still feel the exit of Britain is a catastrophe, yes, a defeat we all have to take responsibility for,” Juncker said.
This statement comes only 24 hours after Council President Donald Tusk said that the hearts of the Europeans are still open for the Brits, should there be a change of heart among them about Brexit.
The two messages are hardly a coincidence. They are also intriguing. Juncker is known as one of those who believe that Brexit is a good riddance. As a federalist, the Luxembourger saw Brexit more as an opportunity than a crisis, and a chance to advance with difficult but important dossiers, such as European defence and the emancipation of the continent from the United States.
More than this, Juncker has always seen the Brits as a danger to the European project. In 2015, he bravely fought to prevent Grexit and he once said that if Greece leaves, the Anglo-Saxons will try to break up the eurozone.
If Juncker had fought for Brexit as hard as he did for Grexit, Brexit might not have happened at all. But Greece is in the eurozone and its unravelling was an existential crisis for the EU as a whole.
We can assume that Tusk, as a Central European, sincerely regrets Brexit and nourishes hopes that a miracle, or a second referendum, would prevent Britain from leaving on 29 March 2019. Conversely, Juncker would prefer to see the UK leave – the Brits would then realise what they have lost and the country would reapply for membership. This would give the Union time to evolve.
Brexit will most certainly take place under Juncker’s watch. But after 2019, it will be someone else who might tell the UK “Get back to where you once belonged”.
The Roundup
MEPs today adopted a binding 35% goal for energy efficiency gains by 2030, treading a path between the member states’ baseline of 30% and the environmentalists’ calls for a 40% target.
Lawmakers also backed a ban on the use of palm oil in transport fuel by 2021 and capped all crop-based biofuels at 2017 levels.
Greece and Macedonia are “optimistic” about a resolution the age-old name dispute… but neither brought a new proposal to the table at today’s talks in New York.
The race to succeed Juncker as head of the Commission is well and truly on. Michel Barnier (EPP), Margrethe Vestager (ALDE) and Federica Mogherini (S&D) are all tipped as front-runners.
Experts have called for clarity on the thorny issue of farm subsidies, saying British farmers face “a terrifying amount of uncertainty” as the government refuses to detail how it will replace the CAP after Brexit.
The Czech Republic’s billionaire Prime Minister Andrej Babis yesterday lost a no confidence vote, forcing him to seek the backing of opposition MPs to stay in power. The backing of President Milos Zeman can only secure Babis’ position until 26-27 January, when the president may be voted out of a job himself.
The European Parliament has called for a total ban on electric pulse fishing, which investigations have revealed takes place on a far larger scale than is legally permitted.
Eurogroup chief Mario Centeno has welcomed talk of a eurozone investment budget in Germany’s coalition negotiations.
Poland’s judges have joined the chorus of criticism against Warsaw’s proposed judicial reforms, branding them “unconstitutional”.
MEPs approved tougher control rules on cybersurveillance technologies. Story coming soon on EURACTIV…
Look out for…
France and Britain will sign a new immigration treaty tomorrow. Britain will keep its border in Calais, but will be expected to do more to secure the port against waves of illegal migration.
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