House of Lords threatened with ABOLITION if they block EU Withdrawal Bill

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A senior politician has warned that the House of Lords could be threatened with ABOLITION if peers try to get in the way of the EU Withdrawal Bill that has now been passed by the House of Commons.

Although the legislation to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union has already been given approval by a majority of MPs, there have been warnings that members of the House of Lords could scrutinise the bill to the extent that it is simply sent back to the House of Commons for amendments.
Thinking back to the original Article 50 Bill last year, there were similar threats from the Upper House, but thankfully the ‘ping pong’ was avoided and Article 50 was successfully activated.
According to a report in The Express:

However, the Conservative Lord Strathclyde has condemned any attempts to frustrate the process of leaving the bureaucratic organisation.
The senior political has voiced concern that voting against the measures put forward by Theresa May’s Government could lead to a fight for the survival of the House of Lords.
He said: “It would be an act of political suicide for the House of Lords, it would be reminiscent of the debates we had just over 100 years ago in 1910 and 1911 and I’m not convinced that the House of Lords has the thirst for that right now.”

The Parliament Act, introduced in 1911, constrained the power of the unelected parliamentary chamber after it was seen to vote against the will of the general public.
Lord Strathclyde told his colleagues in the Conservative party who that are “die-hard Europhiles” who “cling strongly to the view that Britain should remain part of the EU” to back the Government.
He said: When it comes to defeating the Bill, they should not do so.
“The House of Lords is at its strongest when it’s on the same side as the people, against an elected dictatorship in the House of Commons.
“On this occasion that would be completely reverse.
“It would be the House of Lords acting against the people, and against the express will of the House of Commons at the same time.
“This strikes me as bright, red flashing lights of danger.”
We have to say that it is encouraging to hear this warning from someone within the House of Lords itself and not someone on the outside – however that’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of people on the outside who have issued exactly the same sentiment!
It is fair to say that while the House of Commons is filled with elected politicians who therefore have a mandate to act on behalf of the people, many would argue that the unelected peers should not have any sort of power in modern Britain.
Brexit is very much an issue that has been decided by, dare we say it, the will of the people, and therefore it is inconceivable to think that there is even a slight chance that the process could be frustrated by those in the Lords.
Nigel Farage has already said that it is time for a referendum about this Upper House and its future, and to be fair any sort of Brexit shenanigans now and the result would be a foregone conclusion.

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