President Trump has just told the world that Britain will BOOM after Brexit

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We already know that the President of the United States Donald Trump is a big admirer of the Brexit movement in the United Kingdom – this was demonstrated when he invited the ex-leader of UKIP Nigel Farage to speak at one of his campaign rallies – and he has just told the world that Britain will BOOM after Brexit.

According to Trump, there will be a ‘tremendous increase’ in US-UK trade after we leave (fingers crossed) in March 2019, and his remarks in front of the media in Davos should strike fear into the very heart of the EU.
After all, many of the Brussels Bigwigs are counting upon Britain agreeing to their ridiculous Brexit terms out of fear, and Trump has just come out and said that our proud nation has absolutely NOTHING to fear.

Take a look …

He also made it clear that it would be ‘great for jobs.’
So on the one hand we have the European Union’s negotiators saying that we need to agree to their demands to ensure that we can continue to trade with the world, and they will be ‘sweating it out’ because of this declaration.

They can forget about their ‘sabre rattling’ over not discussing trade with other countries as well!
What would you prefer? A crap trade deal with the EU that will give us Brexit in name only, or a huge vote of confidence from the leader of the free world?
Why the hell are so many people in this country attacking Trump when the man has just given the United Kingdom what is possibly the biggest possible ‘Trump Card?’
When he finally does arrive on our shores, he should be welcomed as a hero – anything less than this would be an utter disgrace.

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