For Baroness Janet Royall and Lady Betty Boothroyd

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For Baroness Janet Royall and Lady Betty Boothroyd
« on: January 30, 2018, 07:52:48 PM »
Dear Janet, I'm writing to you to ask you to raise a point of order with your speaker when the Lords discuss the Brexit bill as described here.

May's Brexit bill is 'constitutionally unacceptable' and gives too much power to ministers, Lords report warns
An influential group of peers have warned Theresa May’s flagship Brexit legislation is “constitutionally unacceptable” and will need to be substantially rewritten. The stark warning comes as peers in the upper chamber gear up to begin the lengthy process of debating the legislation – passed with a seal of approval from the Commons earlier this month.
Whatever your views on the desirability of staying or leaving the EU I hope that you, like I, see the rule of law above any decision one way or the other.

The "influential group of peers" state that the bill is "constitutionally unacceptable"
As they are bringing our constitution into question, would you ask the lord speaker to rule how the signing of any treaty with a foreign power,  which gives away our sovereignty, is against our constitution. Since Edward Heath ignored the advice of the Attorney General and unlawfully took us into the then common market, MPs of all parties have had to dance around trying to cover up this continuing crime. Some even tell us that parliament is sovereign when in reality sovereignty lies with the people. Some even say we have no constitution which the "influential group of peers" show what a great lie that is.
The media dare not discuss what I have written above, and Theresa May who has unlawfully controlled national events in the past, cannot be trusted.
You may not know that 12 separate chief constables accepted allegations of treason against John Major, Douglas Hurd and Francis Maude. You can bet your life that the chief constables researched the allegations because of the importance of the offenders. The 12 files were sent to Bernard Hogan Howe who at that time submitted his resignation to the then home secretary, Theresa May. She refused to accept his resignation and from then on Hogan Howe was her puppet. The Home affairs select committee heard evidence from him that two lorry loads of files concerning pedophilia were shredded. 
Police officers have gone on record as saying that pedophilia is rife in the establishment.
You perhaps you now understand why I believe the rule of law is paramount over any of our personal preferences.
I therefore ask you to attend the debate and make the point of order about our constitution.
I've copied Lady Boothroyd my request because she ruled on our constitution when speaker of the other place.
 Sincerely. JohnTimbrell. Cider Mill Cottage,

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