Brussels is starting to realise how much it needs our business

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Brussels is starting to realise how much it needs our business
« on: February 05, 2018, 08:23:35 PM »
An MEP colleague, former head of German industry through the BDI, recently announced that German business is "panicking" about the possibility of a no deal with the UK. He says the EU is only just waking up to the fact a post-Brexit UK will become the largest market for the rest of the EU.
In the referendum, the notion the EU needed the UK market much was mocked, but now the cold factual reality is setting in.
The UK is not some sad little island but the sixth largest economy in the world, has the largest financial centre in the world, and is the second largest importer after the USA.
President Juncker has correctly analysed that the EU’s solidarity to date - who would argue with demanding billions more for the EU? - is about to break up as member states put their own trading and economic interests first. He fears big business will allow British "cherry picking" and that "in the end we’ll...

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