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Posted By: Rodney Atkinson
on: February 04, 2018
In: News

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In a recent fit of Russophobia Theresa May accused Russia of being an enemy seeking to undermine western values. In response Konstantin Kosachev, of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, said her “mistake is that this conflict is not ideological and there will be no ‘triumph of Western values’ this time, as no one is fighting them here.”
But Kosachev was wrong. The Clintons, Obama, Merkel, May and Blair have presided over a society governed by economic Marxism (State control and the destruction of private property) and Gramscian cultural communism (the destruction of family values and Christian sexual morality) so Russia is indeed fighting modern western Governments’ “values” – but nevertheless defending the values of those governments’ peoples.
While Russia has embraced the values for which we fought and won the second world war and fought and won the cold war our Governments have now rejected those values and created a morally distorted, economically bankrupt, democratically alienated world where decadent pseudo elites and supranational corporate power dominate our peoples.
The twin attacks by economic and social Marxism on western capitalism and democracy sought
1. to destroy personal capital and property and the rule of law as created by precedent in favour of State power, State property with the law dictated by the communist party, unchallenged by voters or free elections.
2. to undermine families, communities, nations and Christianity by debasing marriage, attacking the responsible role of fathers, promoting “alternative” forms of marriage and sexuality and “educating” children in those sexualities from an early age. To destroy the bourgeois notion of “democracy” and the role of Christianity – the latter being diluted by the infusion of other religions regardless of their belief systems.
This decadent, morally distorted “Conservative” Government is doing all these things.
There has been a massive reduction in taxes on big business (already cash rich and subsidised by inflation on quoted company shares). But the Government has imposed higher taxes on individuals, negative returns on their savings and an attack on “buy to let” – which is one of the few ways the individual can invest and counter inflation.
After the bank bail outs of 2008-9 the UK national debt was £800bn and after 7 years of Tory Government the national debt is £1800bn and still rising by about £50bn a year.
One of the principles of Conservatism is personal property ownership (provided it is fairly earned and responsibly owned) – as a source of social stability, savings and family independence. Communism sees these “bourgeois” characteristics, the continuity of family and community life as “reactionary” and so seeks to centralise and nationalise property. “Property is theft” they say. In fact property – open to challenge in a free market – means social responsibility and Government means theft.
There are many ways of taking property from responsible individuals. Indeed the more responsible they are the easier it is to burden them with regulation, tax the owners and confiscate the property. The sheer weight of the laws on business, taxes and regulations under this Conservative Government is horrendous.
If you buy property you pay up to 12% stamp duty (not long ago stamp duty was 1%). When you own a shop or commercial property swingeing business rates are payable EVEN WHEN IT IS EMPTY and you are making a loss. Even the previous Labour Government allowed property to be empty for 12 months until business rates were payable (rightly assuming no owner actually WANTED to keep his property empty!) But this Marxist Conservative Government reduced that to 3 months and kept on raising business rates.
A property owner in Sunderland lost his tenant, had to continue to pay the large business rates, was forced to sell his home to pay them and died an early death. The UK has the highest levels of business rates in the advanced economies – and the North of England the highest levels of suicides in Britain.
I myself as an investor in my local community found my income fall 50% but my taxes went up by 50%. I found no Tory Minister who knew what they were doing. They were more concerned with subsidising big business through negative interest rates and ever lower corporation tax while community investors were crippled by “Conservative” taxes.
You might have held a property for many years, invested in it, survived the crippling taxes and then you try to sell it. Then this Marxist Government cripples you with “capital gains” tax which, being unindexed for inflation, is payable even when there is no real gain at all. It therefore amounts to straight confiscation of property.
As Government business rates and the Government-caused-recession destroyed the High Street, “Charities” (whose directors are well paid while they only pay taxpayer subsidised rates and exploit volunteer shop workers) were the only buyers of the properties of bankrupted investors – until local Government joined in the fun and started buying up high street properties. State failure always leads to State profit and the rise of Marxist economics. Not every communist system needs to be planned – it arises naturally out of the failures of politicians like the present Conservative government.
After the financial collapse of 2008/2009 it was necessary for the people who had not caused the collapse to bail out the banks (and the Government) who had caused it. One of the many routes to that end was “quantitative easing” – or Government money printing on a grand scale. This resulted in negative interest rates and the decimation of the savings of the young (saving for a house) and the old (living off savings).
This has been one of the greatest thefts in the history of government. Like general inflation over many decades the transfer of wealth was never described, never put before Parliament and never made into law. When it comes to crushing the thrifty virtues of the “bourgeois” the corporatist State does just as well as a communist revolutionary.
The Rule of Law in Britain has been frittered away as fast as inflation has destroyed money.
You do not have to be rich in order to lose your income. You do not have to earn an income before you are taxed.
As the State became ever larger (and the people weaker) and politicians bought votes and corporate patronage with taxpayers money and caused economic failure and collapsing tax revenue, Government deficits and the National Debt grew as the State ran out of other peoples’ money.
Business Rates as we have seen kept going up even as the value of the properties they were taxing collapsed. Council tax kept going up in a recession despite the earnings of Council tax payers going down. As consumers struggled the Government raised VAT to a crippling 20% – so high that many small traders could not afford to raise their prices to cover the VAT. As incomes fell the Government decided to apply duties and indirect taxes which are payable regardless of income.
The Government learned how to increase work as a disguised way of raising taxes. In other words instead of demanding higher taxes to pay for waste recycling they forced the householder to work instead – by sorting waste which used to be government business!
You can tell you are dealing with a fiddle when there appear TWO different inflation rates – the CPI and the RPI. The CPI was invented by the Government and has always been lower than the long standing measure of RPI. The Government uses the higher RPI to set business rates and Council tax to increase its own income but then applies the lower CPI when it comes to raising pensions for the people! Lower than that you cannot sink .The Marxist Communist would delight in this State manipulation – providing of course he was running the State!
A recent ComRes poll of 550 Tory councillors showed that 75 per cent believed schools should promote traditional models of family and marriage and 87 per cent of councillors thought voters wanted the government to concentrate on Brexit. But at her party conference Mrs May boasted it was her party which got same-sex marriage ‘on the statute book’ and she daily shows weakness in Brexit negotiations.
Homosexuals have been given the right to adopt children and babies, making the infants call a man “mummy” or a woman “daddy”. What a start in life for the innocent child.
When a devout Christian was forbidden to wear her small cross/pendant to work and took her case to the European Court the Conservative Government argued against her!!
“The civilised world has been thoroughly saturated with Christianity for 2000 years. Any country grounded in Judeo Christian values cannot be overthrown until those roots are cut….a long march through the institutions is necessary. Only then will power fall into our laps like a ripened fruit” Antonio Gramsci.
That fruit is ripening fast in Britain today.
Gramsci (1891 to 1937) was a theorist of cultural Marxism, a founder of the Italian Communist party and an enemy of what he saw as the “hegemonic culture” of the bourgeois morality which sustained capitalist societies.
When I was in Germany in the late 60s the Marxist “Frankfurt School” was in full swing, inciting their students to revolutionary fervour and plotting the “long march through the institutions”. Adorno, Horkheimer, Habermas were the big names, promoting political revolution but, equally important, seeking to undermine the Christian ethic and “bourgeois” society, the family and sexuality. They were joined by the British Philosopher Bertrand Russell (a great supporter of Stalin) advocating the revolutionary “educational process” before the age of 10. He said:
When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.
Today we have homosexual “education” even in primary schools and children are taught (as they were in Communist East Germany for instance) to spy on their parents: This from my friend Edward Spalton:
And from my next door neighbour, concerning the local primary  school. He had his grandson to stay for the weekend and saw that the lad was looking in the dustbins.
“Why are you doing that?” he asked.
“To see if you’re recycling” was the answer.
“What if I’m not?” he asked
“Then I have to tell teacher”.
The manipulation of the State educational system was a high priority for the Marxist Frankfurt School:
“We will gradually infiltrate their educational institutions and their political offices, transforming them slowly into Marxist entities as we move towards universal egalitarianism” – Max Horkheimer.
The Frankfurt School intended to destroy the three pillars of western society; religion, culture and family values, which previously held society together, using cultural and sexual minorities instead of workers. Like the British Labour Party who suddenly realised that the British worker was too rich and too British to be revolutionary they decided to “scour the world” for new voters. Muslims were particularly prized as they are a fundamental challenge to Christianity. The aims of the Frankfurt School included:
The creation of racism offences (well advanced in Conservative Britain with only white Britons apparently capable of racism while black racism in Africa goes unmentioned).
Continual change to create confusion (the end of nationhood, breaking up traditional families, breaking down national borders, mass immigration)
The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children (in the UK primary school children)
The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority (well advanced for many years)
Huge immigration to destroy identity, democratic cohesion and cultural conservatism (the Tory Party follows the socialist shibboleth that migration (extra 5m in 12 years) “has been good for us”)
The promotion of excessive drinking (and gambling as both Labour and Tory Governments – in return for big donations from the drink and gambling industries have done)
Emptying of churches (since the Church has adopted much of the “progressive agenda” it has done this without external aid!) replacing all belief with the “certainties of science” and Marxist atheism
Creating dependency on the state or state benefits (most then have an incentive to preserve the power of the State. Only the real Conservative Ian Duncan Smith has sought to roll this back, with some success)
Control and dumbing down of media (here the big corporate media has taken over with Government help and disastrously concentrated power and news control)
Feminism – as most ably promoted by the BBC – was always a cultural Marxist idea for suppressing what they called the “patriarchal” family which was too conservative! Theresa May was proud to wear a tea shirt with the motto “This is what a feminist looks like”. She has never been known to attack the fatuous extremes of feminism and under her Government the feminist bandwagon rolls on.
A good example of what such attitudes bring about in the real world of life and death is the massive discrepancy between spending on breast cancer which is twice the level of spending on (the male) prostate cancer – even though deaths stand at about 11,000 a year for both cancers! Angela Culhane, chief executive of the charity Prostate Cancer UK, said this naturally resulted in half the level of research into prostate cancer.
Abortion has been seen by Feminism as an “inalienable right” and millions of lives have been slaughtered in the womb as a result. We now know that in “Conservative Britain” the NHS does not collect statistics on those aborted babies who are removed alive and are then killed! It probably amounts to some 10% of abortions.
The Prime Minister plans a “dedicated national security communications unit” (sounds like a Ministry of Information) which will “be tasked with combating disinformation” (sounds like George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth).
As someone who reads news from all over the world every day, provided by many national and supranational news media, I see misinformation, propaganda and above all censored non reported news – mostly from the outlets setting up “anti fake news” units and which Mrs May doubtless trusts. I also see information, real news, different angles, well documented commentary and news of unrest, riots and government tyrannies which are not reported in Britain.
If the British Government cannot rely on the good sense of its own people, cannot permit anything but Government approved news and uses taxpayers money to publish political judgements on other peoples’ news then we have sunk to new anti-democratic depths – but depths in which Marxist regimes have always delighted.
A notable supporter of the Frankfurt School was one Daniel Cohn Bendit a revolutionary Marxist of part French part German background. In 1970 revolutionary sexuality was put into practice in the “Rote Freiheit Schule” sponsored by the Psychology Institute of the Free University of Berlin where “sex exercises” were conducted and a “f………hour”. Cohn Bendit taught there and later described his sexual experiences with children:
“At nine in the morning, I join my eight little toddlers between the ages of 16 months and 2 years. I wash their butts, I tickle them, they tickle me and we cuddle. … You know, a child’s sexuality is a fantastic thing. You have to be honest and sincere. With the very young kids, it isn’t the same as it is with the four-to-six-year-olds. When a little, five-year-old girl starts undressing, it’s great, because it’s a game. It’s an incredibly erotic game.”
Today Cohn Bendit is a member of the European Parliament. His German Green Party at the State level (Nord Rhein Westfalen) in 1985 had as its policy that “nonviolent sexuality” between children and adults should generally be allowed, without any age restrictions.
“Consensual sexual relations between adults and children must be decriminalized,”
In Britain the national Council for Civil Liberties was headed by Patricia Hewitt the future Health Secretary where another future prominent Labour cabinet Minister Harriet Harman was a legal officer. The NCCL allowed to be affiliated to it the “Paedophile Information Exchange” which openly promoted sexual relations with children. It was later closed and most of its leading members convicted of criminal offences.
We cannot accuse the Marxist Conservatism today of having committed to these perversions but all the above mentioned figures are enthusiastic supporters of the LGBT movement today which receives such promotion from a “Conservative” government. And once we break down the definitions of sexual morality, gender, wife and husband, man and woman even the most obscene sexual revolutionaries feel they are in with a chance of recognition – as we now see below:
The Frankfurt School revolutionaries had not thought of this useful weapon in the distortion of natural society but today it is the “T” in the “LGBT” revolutionary bandwagon. Even the Ministry of Defence of a “Conservative” Government now flies the LGBT “flag”.
Justine Greening until recently the Conservative Secretary of State for Education said that people should be able spontaneously to “choose their gender” – and therefore of course demand their “rights” as their new gender – including for instance “trans” men choosing to use Ladies Toilets.
The frenzy of transgenderism has led in Britain to the horrific drugging by the State of young children to artificially suppress puberty: According to a report in the Sunday Times
“In nine months last year more than 2,000 children were referred by GPs, schools and support groups to GIDS (the Gender Identity Development service), the only NHS clinic offering medical treatments such as hormones to suppress puberty and cross-sex hormones to develop different sexual characteristics. In 2009 there was a total of 97 referrals.  The figures therefore show a 20-fold increase in seven years, with last year‘s figures including two three-year-olds, nine four-year-olds, 21 five-year-olds and 23 six-year-olds.”
Dr. Paul McHugh formerly chief Psychiatrist at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in the USA points to research which showed that the suicide rate among transgendered people who had reassignment surgery is 20 times higher than the suicide rate among non-transgender people. He further noted studies from Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic of children who had expressed transgender feelings but for whom, over time, 70%-80% “spontaneously lost those feelings.”
As in all totalitarian Marxist regimes those who question these obscenities are attacked, censored and marginalised. While medical treatments are applied and bodies disfigured (and permanent infertility caused), even research suggesting there is a problem is censored:
An academic at Bath Spa University who specialises in therapy for transgender people was actually prevented from writing a thesis for his Masters degree on those who seek to reverse their “transition” – as very many do. The reason given was:
“engaging in a potentially politically incorrect piece of research carries a risk to the university”.
That is totalitarianism – alive and well in “Conservative” governed Britain! indeed in December 2017 the Conservative Government approved guidance issued by the National Association of Head Teachers that:
“primary schools should include books that feature transgender parents in the curriculum and “ensure the visibility” of trans perspectives in the classroom.”
In this world of sexual confusion, where the usually temporary feelings of a tiny immature minority have engendered a complete political movement there is no hiding place even for the most innocent of teachers:
A teacher who could lose his job after he accidentally called a transgender pupil a girl while praising him for his schoolwork says his suspension amounts to a “public shaming”.
Joshua Sutcliffe, 27, said “well done girls” to the teenager and a friend when he spotted them working hard at the secondary school in Oxfordshire. He quickly apologised when corrected by the transgender pupil, who identifies as a boy,
The Author of Brave New World, Aldous Huxley said:
“Within the next generation I believe the world rulers will discover infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging and kicking them into obedience.”
Mrs May’s “Conservative” Government seems to be advancing that programme with alarming conviction. In her own words:
“We will continue to push forward, to enhance LGBT rights and we’re pleased with what we’ve been able to do so far, and we want to do more”
The Prime Minister, the daughter of a vicar, also suggested that the Church of England should support same-sex marriage. “obviously they will want to reflect as attitudes will generally change as society changes”.
As doubtless she would wish the abortion mayhem to continue in a new Biblical “slaughter of the innocents” (Matthew 2:13) – all in the name of the feminist “rights” she embraces.
Never in the history of politics has a conservative movement, never mind a Conservative Government – ostensibly devoted to conservative values of sexual morality, family, education, low taxes, property rights, democratic wealth creation, free trade and competitive capitalism – presided so enthusiastically over the destruction of them all.
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