Lady Michelle Renouf speaking in Dresden February 2018

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Lady Michelle Renouf speaking in Dresden February 2018
« on: February 19, 2018, 09:59:18 AM »
More fake news!!
Actually it was German bombers that started bombing strategic targets in Britain, such as arms manufacturers and aircraft factories. It was German bombers that decided to drop bombs indiscriminately on London that started the war of attrition perhaps Mr Edmonds thinks that there were no such things as V1s and V2s which, at the time were being developed and manufactured for indiscriminate use against civilian targets in Britain. Perhaps Mr. Edmonds has forgotten the war in Spain where German Stuka bombers dropped their munitions onto civilian targets, and try to remember that the word "Blitzkrieg" is a German word. Britain did not start WWll.
With best wishes
Paul Talbot-Jenkins BSc(Hons)
"Semper veritas"
"God is on the side not of the big battalions but of the best shots" Voltaire.
You might find this of interest

Apologies for not including address and telephone number - we did in fact meet when you talked on defence matters with Dr Julian Lewis and the stand-in somewhat useless Rear Admiral at Maiden Bradley a year or two ago

Dear Sir Gerald,

It was good to hear you at the tail end of the Today Programme this morning.  It stands to reason that Bomber Command would not have mounted a raid on Dresden without good reason, bearing in mind it meant crossing almost the entire width of Nazi occupied Germany, with all that that implied.

A few days ago I sent to the BBC the following letter:-

As a Cadet at RN College Dartmouth in the late 1940s I remember a lecture, given by a senior RAF Officer on Strategic Bombing.

At the end someone questioned Dresden.  We were told that General Koniev’s offensive had to be halted as his supply lines had been over extended.  Whilst he recouped Intelligence told the Russians that the Germans were preparing a massive counter attack.  To this end they were bringing in munitions to the marshalling yards in Dresden and then dispersing them around the city.  On learning of this Stalin sent a personal request to Churchill to mount a bombing raid on these munitions.

With this in mind is it surprising that Dresden went up as you would a munition dump to explode?  Whose fault was this?  As Montgomery reminded the whingeing high command over the terms of the surrender at Lunenburg Heath, Who started this? Let us not indeed forget who started it.

In fairness Any Questions telephoned me asking if I would appear on Any Answers.  I said why don’t you just read my letter out but no, they wanted me to talk.  Hanging on to the telephone towards the end of the programme, a charming voice eventually said to me, sorry Bill that was the last question we have time for you have just missed out!

With kind regards,

Bill Woodhouse][/url]

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