The elephant in the room

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The elephant in the room
« on: March 22, 2018, 02:27:07 PM »
The elephant in the room, we cannot ignore it much longer… Britain has a massive housing crisis. A child could work out why: excessive, often unvetted immigration. Most people won’t talk about it because they’re terrified of being called racist. But it has nothing to do with race. It’s about school places, gridlocked roads, strain on the NHS, packed trains - and how much we value our environment. Conservatives, LibDems, Labour and OLRG locally are all tiptoeing around the elephant. They fool themselves with slogans like ‘it’s good for the economy’ . But it isn’t when you add in housing and social costs. And it’s crushing wages, particularly for young people.  The numbers are ridiculous. Recent data1 from the Office for National Statistics shows 578,000 migrants coming to Britain in just one year. And we’re losing people with skills and assets: 334,000 people left (mainly for the US, Australia and Spain) so a net 244,000 people. Almost 2.5 million people have come to the UK in the last ten years. The proposed new ‘garden communities’ (new-speak for 4000 unit housing estates) will mostly be for people migrating out of London. There is no system for reserving affordable homes for young people locally. Immigration without integration is a problem.2 Data from the EU’s own statistical unit Eurostat shows EU countries handing out citizenships at a high rate. The most recent year of data3 shows 841,000 citizenships given to ‘non-Europeans’ , top source countries were Morocco, Albania, Turkey and India. Italy issued 178,000 new EU citizenships in a year, but Italy has the third highest youth unemployment problem in the EU4 at 31.5% after Greece 43.7% and Spain 36%. We should not boast of importing other countries’ nurses, we should train our own. Leaving the EU will only be a start to controlling our borders. UKIP CHALLENGES EAST SURREY MP SAM GYIMAH TO A PUBLIC DEBATE. Come on Sam, you’ve been very quiet about the plans to build on our Green Belt and also on Brexit. Get in touch, let’s fix a date soon. Drop us a line or give us a call. Data sources: (1)  Full year migration data above is from the ONS February 2018 quarterly report. (2) explained/index.php/ File:Police-recorded_rape,_sexual_assault (3) (4) youth-unemployment-rate-in-eu-countries/ Published by Helena Windsor for UKIP Surrey, Stychens Lane, Bletchingley, Surrey, RH1 4LL MORE ELEPHANTS HERE: UKIPSURREY.CO.UK   Tel. 07552 518 408        Email: [email protected] KIP

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