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Just a reminder
« on: March 30, 2018, 11:05:42 AM »
Philip Hammond, Foreign Secretary, once signalled Eurosceptic sympathies, but is nowhere to be seen
Let’s turn to the case of Business Secretary Sajid Javid, another politician whose meteoric rise has been greatly helped by anti-EU views.
Here’s Sajid Javid late last year: ‘Leaving Europe isn’t something I’d be afraid of . . . currently costs outweigh benefits. Unless we get major reform, nothing’s off the table.’
Mr Javid, like so many senior Tories, has long been an ostentatious Brussels basher. Indeed, when it was just words, he was as Eurosceptic as you like.
But when it came to the whiff of grapeshot, Sajid Javid was nowhere to be seen.
The same applies, I say with regret, to Robert Halfon, Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party. I genuinely thought that Mr Halfon a man of principle, but he too has shown himself to be a straw man.
Philip Hammond, Foreign Secretary, falls into the same category. Throughout his long, unnoticed ascent through the Tory Party ranks, he signalled Eurosceptic sympathies. Now that he’s in power, deference to power has taken over.
The list of ministers goes on. Where Oliver Letwin, Minister for Government Policy is concerned, I cannot begin to explain what has happened.
I know him well and have always considered him one of the most honourable men in politics. He has been averse to the European Union ever since I came across him in the Eighties.
And take William Hague, the former Tory leader who made his reputation exposing the expansionism of the European Union, which he now, in a simply astonishing volte face, supports.

'The stench of hypocrisy is insufferable. That is why, for all their faults, Michael Gove and Boris Johnson are so admirable,' writes Oborne
In doing so he’s turned into a cleverer version of Neil Kinnock: windy and meaningless.
Both men have become members of a political class which has done very well indeed out of selling their principles down the river.
There’s a collective failure here, and it tells us something ugly about the people who conduct politics in this country.
Tory Eurosceptics such as May and Hammond scored easy political points by attacking the European Union in the past.
But they’re either running scared now the battle has begun, or they actually supported the unelected bureaucrats of the EU all along.
The stench of hypocrisy is insufferable. That is why, for all their faults, Michael Gove and Boris Johnson are so admirable.
As a young British journalist in Brussels 25 years ago, Mr Johnson won a reputation by exposing EU corruption.
He regularly attended meetings of the Thatcherite Bruges Group, where he made plain that he supported Mrs Thatcher’s vision of a Europe of nation states.
Michael Gove, with formidable intellectual integrity, has been equally consistent.
No wonder they are hated by their cowardly Cabinet colleagues, who have put their worthless careers before their country.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3461345/PETER-OBORNE-principles-PM-accuses-Boris-self-Tories-flaunted-anti-EU-views-careers-first.html#ixzz41VL54BNn
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