"A head-on charge towards PESCO and EU Military union.”

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"A head-on charge towards PESCO and EU Military union.”
« on: April 01, 2018, 07:57:55 PM »
UKIP Leader Gerard Batten and Deputy Leader Mike Hookem have attacked a new European Union plan to develop ‘military corridors’ within the EU, describing it as “a head-on charge towards PESCO and EU Military union.”
The effort to update infrastructure for military movements will be part of an on-going plan to create nine east-west and north-south 'core network corridors' to be completed by 2030, at a cost of over €500 billion.
UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said:
“This plan is just another aspect of the European Union’s intentions to create its own armed forces.
“For years they have been doing this surreptitiously by means of common procurement policies, common command and control structures, and common communications systems.

“As the EU Transport Commission has said, this is a practical step towards a “fully-fledged defence union by 2025”, which means a European Army to the person in the street.

“Given the EU’s general incompetence in most things it gets involved in, I would be more worried about their plans for ‘military mobility’, making it easier for Russian tanks to roll across Europe rather than helping an EU Army to combat them.

“NATO should be the engine of driving Europe’s defences, as it has successfully done since 1949. Mrs. May’s intentions to sign a post-Brexit Security and Defence Treaty with the EU merely encourages the Brussels Napoleons in their military ambitions and endangers all European nations, whether they are EU members or not.”

UKIP Deputy Leader and retired Royal Engineers Commando Mike Hookem also offered his thoughts on this development:

"This move to develop defence transport corridors throughout the European Union is further confirmation of the EU's dangerous plans to militarise the EU and turn it into the United States of Europe.
"It is a head-on charge towards PESCO and EU Military union, as revealed in a secret meeting between British and EU diplomats two weeks ago. This represents a move towards the dissolution of national boundaries and further erodes the territorial sovereignty of EU member states.
“NATO does an excellent job defending Europe from outside forces, but the EU is using every opportunity to grab power for itself. Britain already contributes a great number of resources to the defence of the continent, and should play no part in this project which will only undermine the independence of our armed forces."

Simon Blanchard

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