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Posted By: Rodney Atkinson
on: March 29, 2018
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UK economic growth, record levels of employment, and a decreasing Government budget deficit continue to demonstrate British resilience in the face of the Remainers’ Project Fear and their Referendum lies. Despite the “experts” bemoaning there was no solution to low productivity there have now been two quarters of good productivity growth. Despite “expert” predictions of ever lower real wages, inflation has fallen from 3% to 2.7% and wages are now rising at 2.6% (the fastest rate for two and a half years) with expectations that real wages will soon be rising again.
Unemployment fell again in January to 4.3% (from January’s 4.4%) and the employment rate rose to 75.3% – the highest since 1971. Retail sales were up by 0.8% in February over January – the “experts” had predicted 0.4% growth!
Another “study”, this time by the Institute for Fiscal Studies predicts that our savings from not paying the EU’s tariffs will not make much difference to the British people. As usual their fatuous conclusions are based not on facts but their forecasts of, in this case, a falling Pound. But that level is any case rising substantially – especially against the US Dollar in which most commodities are traded.
But there would have to be some “shenanigans in high places” to stop the British people (especially the poorest) benefiting from abolishing average EU tariffs charged on cereals like wheat and barley at 19.5 per cent, sugars and sweets at 20 per cent and clothing at an average of 11.5 per cent! And of course it would be difficult to argue that removing the 64% tariff on importing solar panels would not be a significant boost to our economy – even for a Remoaner!
Another Remainer fear project is the permanent whingeing and distortions of the truth provided by Hilary Benn, Chairman of the Brexit Select Committee. Once again his Committee has said there would have to be a hard border between the UK and Ireland – a proposition dismissed by experts from HMRC and DEFRA when giving evidence to his Committee.
So bigoted was the latest report on Brexit that 7 members produced their own report contradicting it.
The latest British Opinion on Brexit was shown in a BMG Poll which found 57% agreed that “the government should get on with implementing the result of the referendum to take Britain out of the EU and in doing so take back control of our borders, laws, money and trade”. The 35-54 year old age group (a bit of ‘swing” group in Brexit matters) agreed by 53% to 23% and even the youngest age group (18-34) agreed by 40% to 29%. The Government should be wary of backsliding because 78% of their own voters agreed with only 10% disagreeing.
As FREENATIONS has repeatedly pointed out this big discrepancy between Remainer MPs and their Leave electorate could have been solved years ago had the British Declaration of Independence (BDI – see home page) been politically and financially supported since 2001.
If there were a no deal Brexit the UK could apply not just tariffs but a number of non tariff barriers – in response to unfair EU subsidies. German diesel emissions scandals could justify tariffs on German cars. Sugar additives to French Champagne could justify tariffs or taxes on health grounds! Also unfair subsidies to German and French steel industries at the cost of British producers could be a just cause to apply tariffs or taxes.
South Africa and 43 other African countries agreed to establish the “AFrican Continental Free Trade Area” which will immediately contradict the purpose of free trade by permitting “free movement of people” between African countries.
South Africa’s Cyril Ramaphosa – a classic corporatist who has gone from communist to wealthy corporate capitalist and one of Africa’s richest men based purely on political power and influence – sees his country as the “Germany of Africa”. Not only will he strut on a bigger stage but he wants to own the stage as well!
In a precise re-run of the fatuous promises made by Eurofanatics these new African “leaders” promise wealth, prosperity, investment and people moving “with money. They bring in dollars to invest in South Africa. Some of them come to learn in South Africa”. As when Tony Blair promised only “13,000 migrants from Eastern Europe” and over a million came, including the unemployed, murderers, tax cheats and itinerant gypsies, so we can imagine what the unemployed of Africa will do to South Africa where unemployment is already at 25%.
More desperation from the fascist Remainers who cannot accept nation states, nor their parliaments, nor their constitutions nor a democratic decision where 17.4m people disagreed with them. Now they are trying to show that the Leave campaign cheated by setting up other campaigns and effectively running them in order to reduce their own campaign spending below legal limits. These accusations have been raised twice and dismissed twice by the Electoral Commission which has still not set up any enquiry into the Remain Campaign – which also set up 5 “sub campaigns” and channelled £1m to them.
As we know the Referendum was STACKED AGAINST the Leave campaign with the usual attacks by the European Commission, a £9m leaflet for Remain sent out by the Government and the Remain Campaign itself spending nearly £6m more than Leave.
Even when the Remainers cheat and lie they have the gall to call others cheaters and liars. Even when their side outspends Leave by at least £15m they accuse Leave of fiddling their spending.
Now that the dust has settled and the financial and vote rigging machine of the Remain side is not so active (as it was in the Referendum itself) those supporting Leave has risen from 51% to 57%.
We are frequently told by the Euro-fascists that the Young support the EU and when they grow up and the older more mature voters “die off” then the rejection of the EU will be reversed. But when we look at this most enthusiastic age group we find that only 12 per cent of Europe’s unemployed are willing to relocate beyond their borders to another EU country, according to Eurostat. And in the Italian elections 68% of Italian youth voted for anti EU parties. The Euro-Establishments can’t even brainwash the youth any more!
While the fascist left and stupid right in the UK are forever speaking up for the “indigenous” populations of Palestinians, Red Indians and black South Africans they are keen ethnic cleansers of their own peoples in Europe. We know that all European nations are under attack by mass migrations of alien cultures, races and religions. The EU, by its deliberate breakdown of national borders, and its invitation to Middle East and African migrants, has encouraged and enabled this process.
We know what a desperate State Sweden is in with its own Government devoted to making Swedes a minority in their own country. We know how the Germans are suffering from Angela Merkel’s moronic migrant engineering and we know how Italians are swamped by trans Mediterranean “refugees”. Now the Irish Government wants to bring in a million immigrants. Needless to say they are not talking about native Irish from England or the USA! No more than have disgraceful UK Governments allowed the return of millions of native British from the former colonies, preferring to target those with nothing in common with the history of Britain.
The former President of Dublin City University, Professor Ferdinand von Prondzynski (!) said, in 2005, that Ireland’s natives will be a minority in the country by the middle of this century, but that immigration was still essential if the country is to remain prosperous. It was estimated that the Chinese! would be the largest ethnic group.
Like all supranational social engineers this academic cannot see the link between mass migrations and the impoverishment of native populations, their low fertility rates and hence the moronic conclusion that more immigration is a solution.
But that sums up the arrogant pseudo intellectual Euro-elites who have utter contempt for their peoples. They have wiped out their countries, their parliaments and their democracies. Now they are well on the way to wiping out the native peoples of these lands.
In a piece about the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier in the German newspaper Die Welt – titled “smiling, he humiliates the British” – eurocrats are reported as gloating: “The EU has won 95 per cent of its financial demands” and that Barnier had “humiliated the British”.
“We’re doing everything possible to keep the final bill as low as possible in order not to undermine the authority of British Prime Minister May in her own country.”
The UK estimates of probable NET payments were only £35-40bn
But of course the bigger the EU says the exit bill is, the more likely there will be a big backlash against the EU in Britain (with EU exporters losing out) and the bigger the bill the more the EU has to lose if they do not offer free trade and we walk away without paying a bean!
Out of the mouths of babes and EU Officials come all manner of revealing statements which show how they regard the European Union as the United States of Europe, strutting with its power on the world stage.
In an illiterate outburst Jean Claude Juncker said (meaning one thing but saying another!) that “Brexit isn’t the end”. What he meant was Brexit is not the end of the EU but what he effectively said was “Brexit is not the end – there could be more countries leaving”
He accused Donald Trump of “being happy that Brexit was taking place and has asked other countries to do the same,” Juncker said. “If he goes on like that I am going to promote the independence of Ohio and Austin, Texas, in the US.”
Of course Ohio and Texas have never been sovereign countries like the members of the EU. His analogy would have been legitimate if Trump had encouraged Bavaria to leave Germany! But of course Trump was not seeking to destroy nation states – just re-establish them!
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