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Dear Members and supporters,

The letter below was sent by our Chairman, Edward Spalton, to his local paper. Please feel free to copy it, amending as necessary. and send it to your local newspapers.

With best wishes,

The Campaign for an Independent Britain
The Editor,
Western animosity  to  Russia since the Cold War ended has been evident for years. In Kosovo in 1999 US General Wesley Clark gave orders to attack Russian peace-keeping troops. Fortunately the British General  Sir Michael Jackson was in command of the available forces and gave the memorable reply "I am not starting the Third World War for you". Contemptuous animosity to Russia  has been cranked up more subtly since at least July 2013 when David Cameron told an audience in Kazakhstan that he hoped to see the EU stretching “from the Atlantic to the Urals”. Obviously, Russia is in the way .
For anyone who wants an informed view of the West's treatment of Russia since the end of the Cold War, I recommend a short speech by a former ambassador to Moscow. Just Google “Sir Tony Brenton Oxford Union”.
Craig Murray, former ambassador to Uzbekistan, found this quotation from Dr. Robin Black, Head of Detection Laboratory, Porton Down in the journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry (2016). “There has been much speculation that a fourth generation of nerve agents, “Novichoks “(newcomer) was developed in Russia beginning in the 1970s..... Information on these compounds has been sparse.... No independent confirmation of the structures or the properties of such compounds has been published”. So how could Porton Down identify a Russian nerve agent whose existence was only speculative, so no reference sample could have been held?
The poisoning of the unfortunate former Russian Colonel and his daughter in Salisbury was of no possible benefit to Russia but it did help to stoke up hysteria. This is a useful distraction from one of the government's most underhand pieces of double dealing. Whilst moving uncertainly towards economic Brexit, it has been signing up to the integration of our defence forces with the EU. When these moves were queried, officers were assured it would be of no consequence because the UK was leaving and and would be out of it.
The following statement was recently received from Lt. General Jonathon Riley (ex ISAF deputy commander,) Major General Julian Thompson (Former commander of landings in the Falklands), Rear Admiral Roger Lane-Nott (Former Flag Officer Submarines, NATO Commander Eastern Atlantic ) and Professor Gwythian Prins.
“The exit agreement shows that the Cabinet Office does not intend to regain the defence autonomy it gave away on paper in 2017. As a result of a below-radar deal reached 15 months ago, the UK will now be transitioning via a third country arrangement that provides a u-bend route for the UK to come back fully under EU authority in future....It is not wise to stand still in setting concrete and that's what this transition agreement amounts to”.
Mrs. May  clearly hoping to get away with this deep and special deceit by stirring up an unwarranted scare. As Sir Tony Brenton pointed out, Russia's economy is only the size of Italy's and its military expenditure is one tenth that of NATO. As the Americans say – Go figure! Nonetheless , an atmosphere of Jingoism and a great big bear of a bogeyman are useful in diverting public attention from this sly surrender of our defence capability and downgrading of our forces to EU vassalage.
Yours faithfully
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