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« on: May 03, 2018, 06:58:02 PM »
By Whitefire66
2nd May 2018
What on earth is going on with the United Kingdom? Have I awoken on a different Planet in a different Galaxy? Or am I the odd one out here? Why, oh why are our Establishment (for want of a better word) bothering with certain other countries – which have only been stable when their own have been ruling them with a rod of iron? The terms – Democracy, Diversity & Multiculturalism don’t ever (in this life or any other) – mix well with the Followers of the Religion of Peace! Why are we (and the US) so keen to spread the word on deaf ears – rather like the old Missionaries – ‘bringing God to the heathen’ – only in many cases they actually brought Education and Medical assistance as well!

The Tower of Babel is a salutary lesson and should have been learned well. Vive la difference! Countries are different, people are different, cultures are different, religions are different and ethnicities are different and they are different for a REASON. That is because they have been ‘tailored’ for thousands of years for that country or land mass and not countries thousands of miles away in different time zones, climates, cultures and ethnicities.

Men sought different lands to increase Trading or in many cases Slavery in days of old – not to replace their own peoples in their own lands with peoples of a completely different ethnicity and culture. Did we learn our lesson? No, Niet, Nein, Nada and Not a Hope!

So while we cannot in all fairness lay all our present troubles at the doors of Immigration – we can lay at least 90% of them firmly in that direction. These are I believe as follows:
Our NHS. Where an old lady died after drinking bleach from a jug and they still do not know which one of the foreign medics or cleaning staff were responsible and no charges have been made. Our Streets. We have now 58,000 cheap foreign food outlets which is a 10% rise in 3 years which is a 30% growth in cheap, fattening foods which are aimed at our young and busy people and we wonder why our children are the most obese in Europe. In fact our High Streets are now composed mostly of these outlets and not the shops that used to get us out shopping and it is not the Internet shopping that is to blame totally or indeed even in part. If decent shops close – then no one will go there unless for cheap fast food. Our Schools. Now it is no longer the perquisite of the Inner City schools to have the
pleasure of huge numbers of foreign speaking pupils but in practically every school in this country in every town and city and village. This is not helped by the fact that if a school boasts of more foreign pupils than English – their money goes up from various Councils who believe in the Diversity mantras. We are the only country in the World that puts the needs of foreigners above that of the needs of their own tribes. The result is lack of ‘white’ education and what we see every Friday night on our streets.

Now the United Nations – that conglomerate of foreigners – says that ‘Racism is at the heart of UK Society’ – I wish! If ‘Tribalism’ were at the heart of the UK we would not be in the state we and this country are in at the present time! Get real!

We are living in a photograph which has been reversed. It is now Black on White. This would be fine in Africa, Asia, Arabia and et al but Great Britain became ‘great’ as a white country, not mostly white or partially white but white! It did no different to all the other European countries or the World for those days and indeed often did better. I am not anti Black or indeed ‘anti’ anything but I am very ‘anti’ peoples of the World thinking (indeed knowing) that the UK will take in anything and everything without any form of checks at all and indeed has been doing so for the last 60 years since Windrush. I have no quarrel with the Windrush generations - just their descendants who are busy reducing London to Lagos under the guise of Diversity & Multiculturalism. I like Cosmopolitan – I hate RACE TAKEOVERS and whatever they say Colonialism did not outbreed the indigenous natives of any country it went to!


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