England is an ancient Kingdom which from the time of Alfred the Great.....

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England is an ancient Kingdom which from the time of Alfred the Great has refused foreign interference in how we govern our ancient Kingdom. for 1000 years this has been reflected in our laws.
This refusal of foreign interference started with King Alfred objected to the Pope foisting on him a foreign Archbishop preferring to appoint his own English choice of Archbishop.
Henry VIII refused the interference of the church of Rome for his own reasons and in the course of that only repeated the actions of Alfred.
Elizabeth I also refused the Popes interference in English affairs and her 1559 Act of Supremacy is still current law.
The 1701 Act of Settlement which lays down the inheritance of the Crown is major constitutional law, which states a naturalised subject gets most though not all of the rights of a natural born subject. He cannot receive any order of nobility, he cannot sit in either House of Parliament, or the Privy Council nor can he hold any office of public trust military or civil. Parliament are forbidden by law from making any law on naturalisation without putting in a disabling clause preventing the naturalised subject for receiving any of the benefits of a natural born subject as outlined above.
The 1949 Nationality Act illegally allowed those things refused to naturalized subjects. This Act is ordinary statute law and a statute law cannot repeal by implied repeal a constitutional law. So Parliament broke the law yet we are all subject to the law even the King and what the King cannot do Parliament who operate in the Kings name cannot do.
We must all join a main stream political party and we should all attend committee meetings then when selecting an MP we select our own man to run for the constituency, the main party fund raisers will raise the money to fund our mans elections. If we flood constituency parties with our own members i.e. patriots we can even displace serving ministers from office. Then which ever party is elected both the governing party and the opposition party will comprise patriots and that way we take our Ancient Kingdom back under English rule and we can restore the 1701 Act of Settlement to its rightful place in our constitutional law. And by doing that we empty both Houses of Parliament, the Privy Council and just about every government building in the Kingdom.

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