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It is just appalling that a meeting like this has to take place.   For those who don't know Speaker's Corner, see the web site below.. 



Sent: Fri, May 4, 2018 5:11 pm
Subject: "DAY FOR FREEDOM " EVENT - LONDON WHITEHALL" Sunday May 6th on YouTube

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Please try and watch this 35 min video by Tommy Robinson - he talks about the big March and Meeting in Whitehall this Sunday!

It meets at 1pm at Speakers Corner and the march leaves at "one furty" and takes 45 mins  - with police presence - to Whitehall.

The Meeting and Speakers will start at free o'clock - and it looks to be a good range of speakers - Tommy lists them in his video.

He talks a bit quick (and you can't always hear what the reporters are asking him) - but you can't help but like the guy.......and he's really on a high here.....and why not - it's a big event he has organised - full credit to him....it's not easy!  (As Nick knows - and I remember, from 2005!)

There are a lot of coaches going, from across the UK - but they have not yet listed exactly where from, for this demo - hopefully they will on later ones. It's a short walk from where the coaches will park on The Embankment. (Where they film the fireworks on New Year's Eve)

Speakers will include Anne Marie Waters, Gerard Batten, Milo (a gay nut case!), Tommy himself and a whole string of others, whose names I can't remember, but serious speakers....!

If unable to attend - it will be screened 'live' on Youtube from 3pm - and I hope to locate and provide the web page link at some stage.  It's also on Twitter and Facebook live.

The sun WILL shine - so take a hat - there will be thousands there - from across the political spectrum. Left and right - it's about Freedom of Speech.

Freedom of Speech........Sun 1pm. - Speaker's Corner - or 3pm directly at Westminster. 2 hr schedule planned - taking it to 5pm....with breaks.

Have a nice time!

London will stop.


PS: Asked about Sadik Khan - he smiled, winked and shrugged his shoulders.....he's great, this lad.

Our government is locking up legitimate political commentators, I know it does not seem possible does it !. But as you know I am not extreme and I have seen the evidence, I have done the research !
Twitter, is banning people from its network because they are speaking the truth. I know, I have seen the evidence.
An Englishman that has recently been banned by Twitter has organised a “Freedom of Speech” march and rally in Central London this coming Sunday May 6th.  Central London will grind to a halt. I predict tens of thousands of ordinary British people from all around the UK from all political persuasions will be turning up to defend our right to speak freely. You will not see this on main stream media, they are complicit with the government.
Below is a link to a video from the man organising the event giving all the details.
I am delighted that my For Britain leader Anne Marie Waters has been invited to speak, and she will be supported by all her member’s.
Our forefathers had to fight in trenches and land on the Normandy beaches to defend free speech. All we have to do ( at the moment ) is walk to Whitehall this Sunday in the sunshine. Come join us. Contact me if you want to join me and my group.
Jeff Wyatt
For Britain Milton Keynes

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