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Well said.
I need to give you some information on the situation we British find ourselves in:

After the massacre of children at a school in Dunblane, Scotland in 1996, a highly successful public campaign in the months after Dunblane against gun ownership culminated in a petition being handed to the government with almost 750,000 signatures. In response, then Conservative Prime Minister John Major set up a public inquiry to look into gun laws and assess ways to better protect the public.
In the wake of the 1987 Hungerford massacre, in which one lone gunman killed 16 people, Britain introduced new legislation -- the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988 -- making registration mandatory for owning shotguns and banning semi-automatic and pump-action weapons.
Within a year and a half of the Dunblane massacre, UK lawmakers had passed a ban on the private ownership of all handguns in mainland Britain, giving the country some of the toughest anti-gun legislation in the world. After both shootings there were firearm amnesties across the UK, resulting in the surrender of thousands of firearms and rounds of ammunition.

In 1997 the downright evil NWO Tony Blair gained political power and set about ruining our justice system, creating a reversal of roles....victims became criminals and criminals became victims.
He removed the highest legal authority the King's Bench from the House of Lords, and created a Supreme Court (supposedly independent but in reality full of pro EU judges.

He pushed the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 through parliament, while the furore caused by the Hunting Bill was raging as a civil war outside parliament....people vs police.

That act is an enabling act, with woolly wording just like Article 58 of Lenin's Criminal Code, which Stalin's Stasi used to label people "enemies of the state", so they could be dragged off to the gulags, thus intimidating the people into compliance.

It can be activated for "one person" to take complete control of the country, if they "think "there is a threat (the threat undefined), and would allow foreign assistance to be asked to help quell civil unrest if the police cannot cope.

At the time, I was imagining it could be Eurogendfor the rapid reaction military police force of the EU, immune from prosecution in the execution of their duties.
Now I am wondering if it will be a different kind of force.....Sharia Police maybe?

The government have deliberately run down and underfunded our Police Forces and our Armed forces, and now we have a perfect scenario for Martial Law, should the British somehow manage to arm themselves, as is their right under the Bill of Rights 1688/9, and rise up against this authoritarian totalitarian government.
What we ideally need is for the Police to do their sworn duty to her majesty and arrest and try the traitors within our administration, for which they have been sent evidence, and for the Army to join the police and say enough is enough. Faint chance of that I think.

Sadly we do not have any like these legal heavyweights around these days to enforce our Common Law:

Chief Justice of the Common Pleas William Beresford 1306-1326 ruled, “there is no such thing as a bad law for if it is bad it is not law”. 

Chief Justice Stonor of the Common Pleas 1329-1331 ruled, “law is that which is right”. 

Chief Justice Sir Edward Coke of the Kings Bench 1616-1628 ruled, “Parliament may pass a law which is beyond common right and reason, is repugnant or impossible to perform ; in which case, the common law will intercede and strike it down”.

Mrs Jane Birkby
English Constitution Group

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