Albert Burgess answers "Can Parliament change the Constitution?"

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I was asked the question, “how can I answer this man who says Parliament can change the constitution”?
My answer
Well Parliament get their authority from the King, all of our major constitutional laws Magna Carta 1215, The Petition of Right 1628 and the Bill of Rights 1689 and Habeas Corpus are contracts between the King and his subjects, as parliament only operate in the Kings name they cannot alter a contract which is directly between the King and his subjects. Every time we crown a King the King takes an oath that oath is accepted by the subjects and subsequently constitutes a high contract between the King and his subjects and is high constitutional law, any contract between the King and the subject is like all contracts legally enforceable Magna Carta 1215 article 61 gives us the means by which we can enforce any contract between the King and his subject all of these contracts are binding on parliament as servants of the King, now if you were rich and employed servants you would sack them if they went against your wishes they are contracted to serve you, not undermine you and brake business agreements you had made with other people. If you employ a builder to build a wall he builds it where you want it, if he builds it some where else you make him tear it down and build it again where you want it. England's Kings are the supreme governor of England. They have authority to govern us without a Parliament. Parliament are employed as advisors to the King they do not in law rule the King. The King rules them Parliament can pass a law with every single member in both houses voting in favour of it yet the King can refuse the assent and no one can ask him why he refused it. If Parliament turn around and say well sod you we want it so we are enforcing our will over yours, they are imagining the death of the King as a fully Sovereign King of England and we hang every last member of both Houses for high treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act. The treason acts are extremely powerful law they protect the King and the constitution. A while back I submitted an allegation of treason against Blair over the 1999 House of Lords Act I added to that Cameron and Clegg at the time prime minister and deputy prime minister for overawing the common law cognisance of the House of Lords contrary to sec 3 of the 1848 Treason Felony Act. Now Scotland Yard of course refused to investigate thereby committing the offences of misprision of treason and compounding treason at common law. Shortly after the Justice Ministry repealed 310 laws themselves which they actually have no authority to do, slap bang in the middle was sec 3 of the 1848 Treason Felony Act. They were caught trying to slip this through to get Blair, Cameron and Clegg of the hook. They were forced to make a public announcement that this was added to the list in error and had they repealed it they would all have spent the rest of their lives in prison. I get told all the time Blair repealed the treason laws, well he did try he asked Lord Goldsmith to get the Law Commission to repeal every treason law. I emailed the law commission and said if you repeal a treason law you remove the protections around the sovereign and the constitution and you place them at grave risk and that constitutes an act of treason. They replied by return we do not repeal them we only recommend the repeal it is Parliament which repeals them. I replied by return if you recommend the repeal of a treason law that in law constitutes a conspiracy with others to commit treason by removing the protections from the Sovereign and the constitution and placing them at grave risk. I do not know you, I am not sleeping with your sister if you want to spend the rest of your life in prison I do not care, you recommend the repeal of another treason law and I will do my level best to see that is where you spend the rest of your life and my level best is exceptionally good. It took three weeks to come back from that one in which time you can bet they looked in every book they could find and spoke to every one they could think of then they said
So for all those doubters we still have the laws which give us the ability to hang every single member of both houses for treason.v

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