The UK doesn't need EU membership to work

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The UK doesn't need EU membership to work
« on: February 25, 2013, 07:47:19 PM »
The UK doesn't need EU membership to work
25 February, 2013

In a new pamphlet, 'Europe' doesn't work: A discussion of the three-million-jobs-at-risk lie and related misconceptions, Tim Congdon CBE shows that British jobs won't be at risk if the UK withdrew from the EU. In this publication by The Hampden Trust and The Freedom Association, Congdon illustrates that jobs depend on the continuation of trade and not on continued EU membership.


It demonstrates that the repeated claims of job losses if the UK left the EU - made by EU supporters such as Nick Clegg MP - are 'Euro-centrism gone mad'. Indeed, Congdon shows how these views rest on a crucial misunderstanding and that a UK outside the EU - like any other country in the world - would be able to sell goods and services to EU member states.


In this analysis Congdon also points out that millions of jobs in China 'depend on exports to the EU', but no one has suggested that China must become an EU member. Furthermore, he makes the point that the UK's participation in 'the European construction' (i.e. 'the Common Market' from 1973 to 1993 and the European Union since then) has reduced employment and that, if the UK had remained a fully independent nation, employment would now be higher than it is.


This is a timely reminder of the lies put out by supporters of the EU to scare the British public and that the UK would, indeed, be Better Off Out.


Please click on the highlighted text above to download your free copy. We will be sending a free hard copy to every TFA member.
Rory Broomfield
Deputy Director
The Freedom Association

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