A history lesson from Albert Burgess

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A history lesson from Albert Burgess
« on: June 24, 2018, 09:21:32 AM »
At the battle of Cressy 12,000 English Knights men at arms and archers were caught by a French army of 30,000. The 16 year old Prince Edward Prince of Wales commanded a division of 4000 Knights men at arms and archers. They were being heavily pressed by the bulk of the French army, during the battle one of the Princes Knights rode to the King Edward III asking the King for help from the rest of the English army. The King replied let the boy earn his spurs do not come to me again unless my son is dead. By the end of the day 4000 Englishmen defeated a French army of 30,000.
At the battle of Poitiers 6000 English Knights men at arms and archers were attacked by a French army of 30,000 and 8000 German mercenaries. At the end of the day the English soldiers were climbing over a pile of French and German dead 15 foot high too get at the rest of the French army and in doing that we captured the French King.
At the battle of Agincourt Henry V lead an army of 6000 Knights men at arms and archers they defeated a French army of 36,000.
Philip of Spain sent an armada the largest fleet to take to sea his ships were larger than the English ships yet our fleet under Lord Howard of Effingham defeated the Spanish fleet.
Nelson at the Battle of Copenhagen was looking at a force of ships moored in a half circle across the harbour entrance all their guns were brought to face the sea rafts were secured amongst them armed with cannon. Nelson was looking at an impregnable force. Forming his ships in two columns he broke their line sailed inside their line and achieved a resounding defeat of his enemy.   
At Trafalgar Nelsons 24 ships engaged and defeated a combined French and Spanish fleet of 36.
At Waterloo a combined English Prussian army defeated the best army the French had.
At Roakes Drift 100 men from the 24th regiment of foot out fought a Zulu army of 4000 winning 11 Victoria Crosses in the process.
At Zeabruge on St Georges Day 1918 a small force of ships attacked Zeabruge with the object of sinking block ships in the entrance to the harbour to stop German U boats getting to sea in one battle lasting 11 hours 11 Victoria Crosses and 400 medals for valour.
In Korea an English Lt with 14 men armed with 1 Bren gun 13 .303 Lee Enfield Rifles One Sten gun and a service revolver were attacked by 500 Chinese army they carried out a fighting retreat for 50 miles killing large numbers of the enemy with no loss to then selves the Lt was awarded a Victoria Cross.
HMS Glowworm a small English Destroyer found and attacked the German heavy cruiser on its way to land an SS regiment in Norway after a fierce gun battle Glowworm’s two forward gun mountings and x mounting was put out of action Glowworm rammed the Hipper tearing a 30 hole in her side and releasing her fuel oil into the sea, so she could no longer complete her mission. As Glowworm was wedged in the Hipper’s side Y mounting was pumping shell after shell into the Hipper. As the Hipper reversed the Glowworm rolled over as the Captain Lt Cmdr Gerald Broadmede Roope went into the sea he was climbing a rope thrown from the Hipper the Hipper lurched in the heavy sea he hit his head fell into the sea and was never found. The German Admiral sent a recommendation though the Red Cross he should receive the Victoria Cross which was posthumously awarded to him.
We have a battle to fight to save England’s future this is a fight we must and will win. Are our men not the same stock as those who fought at Cressy? Agincourt or on the Glowworm are we less today than they were. Did the SAS going into the embassy or our troops recovering the Falklands not give everyone of us a great feeling of pride? In 1938 Winston Churchill said this country breeds a class of men who are well educated and think they know best. They cannot help themselves they always commit treason. We have a Parliament of well educated men and women who think they know best and they always commit treason. One way or another we need to lose them and return this ancient Kingdom to Queen Elizabeth II and the rule of English law.     

Albert Burgess
Ret'd policeman and historian

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