” ‘Rotherham’s Abuse “Underestimated”

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” ‘Rotherham’s Abuse “Underestimated”
« on: June 27, 2018, 06:29:21 PM »
Population: 258,450 (mid 2012) – of which approximately 10,000 are females between the ages of 10 to 15 (Census figures for 2001 and 2011).
Native English    239,278 (92.6%)
‘Asian’:                     8,500 (3.3%)
‘Black’:                     1,200 (0.5%)
Pakistani:                7,609 (3.0%) (2011 Census)
Black African:                     (0.6%) (2011 Census)
Arab                            581 (0.2%)
Kashmiri                     293 (0.1%)
Muslim                   9,800 (3.8%) (2011 Census)
Total native English population = 0.8279 x 54,000,000   (2011 Census)
The most conservative estimate for total number of victims (England and Wales) for the period from 1997 to 2013 (i.e.17 years, inclusive) – based on Rotherham data as a ‘representative case’ – is therefore:
Number of victims = (1,400 / 239,278) x (0.8279 x 54,000,000) = 262,000. [ii] [iii] [iv]
This does not (obviously, by definition) include unreported cases. Nor does it include cases prior to 1997, of after 2013.
Therefore the most conservative estimate for the number of victims of violent sexual exploitation by Muslim rape gangs is in excess of ¼ million white (native English) girls and young women.
It is highly likely that the true number is several times this very conservative estimate.
The UK State has been effectively (willingly and knowingly) complicit in creating the conditions that have led to this appalling, unprecedented situation. The State has sought to criminalize (and to seize and imprison) those that expose, protest against, or to attempt to protect actual or potential victims from the activities of the racist Muslim rape gangs.
[v] “Taking all these sources together, the Inquiry concluded that at least 1400 children were sexually exploited between 1997 and 2013. This is likely to be a conservative estimate of the true scale of the problem.”, ‘Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham 1997-2013, Alex Jay OBE, 21st August 2014, section 4.7
[vi] “The investigation also said it had obtained information from the Risky Business community project in Rotherham which said it identified 1,700 victims between 1999 and 2011”; and Professor Alexis Jay referred to a “conservative estimate” of 1,400 victims in Rotherham. Disturbingly, the Rotherham (Labour) MP, Sarah Champion, has stated as recently as last year that the problem of sexual exploitation and grooming is continuing unabated: “The Jay Report said 1,400, but I’m getting new victims coming to me on a weekly basis. … So I would say it’s closer to a couple of thousand people who have been groomed or have been sexually exploited in this little town.” ‘Rotherham’s Abuse “Underestimated”’, The Yorkshire Post, source: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/main-topics/general-news/rotherham-abuse-
[vii] No claim has been made by UK Government sources (or by NGOs) that Rotherham was (or is) a ‘special case’. Indeed, in many regards, Rotherham is widely considered to be a typical English town.
[viii] We know from newspaper reports, and from evidence presented in court, that although the gangs are based locally (in towns and cities across England) they are connected with, and co-operate with, an extensive network of other gangs across the country (especially in regard to the trafficking of the girls and young women). It is on this basis that the estimation of the size of the problem across the whole country, based on the evidence from one locality, is presented as being reliably accurate.

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