21st Anniversary of the Maastricht Treason Charges ...

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21st Anniversary of the Maastricht Treason Charges ...
« on: July 06, 2018, 08:04:55 PM »
Do please take the time to watch this piece of history.

21st Anniversary of the Maastricht Treason Charges ...
PRESS RELEASE: http://freenations.net/21st-anniversary-of-the-maastricht-treason-charges/ 21ST ANNIVERSARY OF THE MAASTRICHT TREASON CHARGES Embargo: 00.01 9...
Shame on the British Court that betrayed our own Constitution so miserably. What hope have we ever had when the system is so skewed against the people, when it seems 80% of the population couldn't give a toss and 15% of the rest are foreigners with no knowledge of the Constitution. Didn't help that 99.95% of the population didn't even know the charges were being heard!!!!

This is exceedingly important to understand.    By 'weaponising' time and corrupting our education system, we have a host of people now in positions of 'authority & power' who've known nothing but the propaganda of Brussels.     They have been cunningly exploited to be the millstone around the neck of those who know our history and determination to remain free and un-dominated.    Understand what successive treasonous governments have taken from you and fight to take it back.


This is a 19 min video by Rodney Atkinson...and it's really very serious.      A bit of background to the Maastricht Treaty and all the treason surrounding it.

These MPs (if still alive) should be brought to justice immediately - and punished accordingly, for the treason they have committed.

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